Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FRIENDS: Beyond Value


A good friend, and fellow troublemaker, Ralph Crandal, had a great definition of a friend. I've used his definition for years. Ralph said "A FRIEND IS SOMEONE WHO WILL PUT A SECOND MORTGAGE ON THEIR HOME TO GO YOUR BAIL TO GET YOU OUT OF JAIL AND NEVER ASK IF YOU'RE GUILTY".

Ralph, with whom I've entered into many business deals, was truly a rascal. That's probably why we were friends. He, along with my Mother, had the most people at his funeral of any private person I know. I waited outside for an hour and never got into the funeral home. Other people were lined up for blocks also waiting to get in.

Julie and I are blessed with world class friends. Bill and Carla Ludwig come to mind. When I was laid up for the better part of a year with a ruptured disc they went "beyond the pale" to help Julie take care of our yard, which had become badly over grown.

When we get overcome with living, sick or whatever, friends show up at our door with a cooked meal. Far more than the value of the warm meal is the warmth of the friendships.

We fellowship monthly at a dinner with seven couples. This is the 6th year for the "Out To Dinner With Friends" group. Sometimes we do not see one another for a month, just like we do not see out-of-town relatives for extended periods. Yet, the time and distance just makes the hugs that much sweeter.

One of our dearest friends, Donna Murphy, commented once that Julie and I have the "GIFT OF HOSPITALITY". Jewel and I have been so blessed that we feel the need to share that blessing with all matter of fellowships, from small, formal dinners to large, rowdy Hoedowns with Bar-b-cues. I just wrote a blog on our latest shin dig, a SEA FOOD BUFFET.

Since the buffet we have received thank you cards, emails and phone calls expressing appreciation. I think it was Julie's Pina Coladas!

One card, in particular, warmed our hearts and made all the expense and effort worth while.
Don & Sally Wilson are good people, a tad younger than me and a tad older than Julie. They have been involved in my Jug Band and, when they were able, were my Leading Couple at my square dances. They made an 800+ mile, out of the way, drive to return my trike from California following my aborted cross USA bike trip.
The Wilson's thanked us for the buffet with a lovely gift, that is appreciated. Alongwith the gift, however, was a "friendship" card that is truly a treasure to Julie and I, one which we will keep close at hand when we need to count our blessings.


God Bless!

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