Monday, March 1, 2010

HELLO WORLD: I'm Alive & Well

Yes, today is March 1st and I'm alive and well although not particularly bright eyed or bushy tailed. Several of you have contacted me to see if I'm alright and why I haven'f been blogging. I did not write a single blog in February. My Computer has been down for a month. Sorry about that.

Far more regretable than the inability to blog has been the inability to reply to my emails. I get emails on my blackberry but am not very good at punching in the little keys to reply.

One very good friend located a picture of my 1936 grade school class and emailed it to me. I was so pleased. Sadly she sent several emails asking if I had received the picture.

I was at the isolated family lakeside retreat where cell phone transmission is nonexistent when her mail came in. I did try to reply but couldn't get it out. When I got home my computer had several viruses and was chocked up. I'm afraid she gave me up as an unappreciative, lost cause.

Other friends not knowing the problem just kept the email stories coming. You are each sincerely appreciated. Thanks.

Several family members tried to come to the rescue to no avail. My wife, Julie, sure gave it the old college try spending hours on the phone doing this and that. Her son, Randy, even installed a replacement computer after I sent mine to the shop.

Unfortunately, while I am not computer illiterate, I even took computer classes at the University of Akron, my skills and interests is very limited. The loaner computer was appreciated but was different enough to make it of little value.

My computer has now been upgraded and I am back in business. Thanks for continuing to check the blog site. I have a lot of backed up pictures and thoughts to share.

More to come.

God Bless!


Mark Pierce said...

Dad - I'm happy to see you back blogging. Looking forward to everything you write. Love, Mark

Phatmom said...

I cannot tell you how happy I was to discover new blog entries! Welcome back! We've missed you!