Friday, March 5, 2010

NATIONALIZED HEALTH CARE: I'll report, You decide!

It seems perfectly clear to this writer that the vast majority of the American people today do not want the massive government run health care that is about to be shoved down their throats. You, like me, are probably "up to here" with all the pro's and con's.

One of the arguments for the government's take over is the wonderful, free care for all in England and Canada. Dare I put my oar in that already troubled stream? WHY NOT?

I've pledged to write weekly this year on the preservation of American Liberty. This is another article. Yes, I've recently written two such articles but I need to catch up on the weeks I missed writing when my computer was in the shop.

The article I am going to share with you came from a Health Care Survey by the U.N. The article was pulled from Investors Business Daily by a doctor friend of mine and emailed to me by her Mother.

Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis:
U. S. A. 65%
England 46%
Canada 42%

Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within six months:
U. S. A. 93%
England 15%
Canada 43%

Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within six months:
U. S. A. 90%
England 15%
Canada 43%

Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within one month:
U. S. A. 77%
England 40%
Canada 43%

Number of MRI scanners (a prime diagnostic tool) per million people:
U. S. A. 71
England 14
Canada 18

Percentage of seniors (65+) with low income, who say they are in "excellent health":
U. S. A. 12%
England 2%
Canada 6%

Our current leaders in Congress, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, know that the American people they are supposedly representing do not want the Government to take over health care. I mean, the American people are no dummies, they look at the Railroads and the Post Office and say "thanks but no thanks". What do our fearless leaders say? Maybe like mail delivery, they'll cancel illnesses on weekends?

Harry Reid: "Elderly Americans must learn to accept the inconveniences of old age."

Nancy Pelosi: "You go through the gate. If the gate is closed, you go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we'll pole vault in. In that doesn't work, we'll parachute in. But we're going to pass the health care for the American people".


When my 72 year old grandfather, William Henry Pierce, had gall stones removed at the Holzer Hospital he incurred a $300 bill. There wasn't much money in the 1930's and Grandpa was roundly critized for being so wasteful at his age. GRANDPA PIERCE LIVED TO BE 91 YEARS Old! I guess Harry Reid thinks that Grandpa should have "learned to accept the inconveniences of old age" and suffered for another 19 years! In Canada or England, perhaps!

THINK ABOUT THIS! I will be 79 in a few more days. My current life expectancy is 92--I plan to live an active life until I am 95 and take another 5 years to wind it all down. No kidding! I set about this plan with my doctor when I turned 70. What's the odds of my success if the government gets involved with health care? Free counsel on how to die, maybe!
I have been to England and I have been to Canada. I have also travelled throughout Europe and Asia and Mid America. I've been around the block more than once. I do not speak from ignorance. There is no where in the world as wonderful as America. THINK ABOUT IT! Why do so many from those countries want to come to America. THINK ABOUT THIS--The Prime Minister of Canada just came to America to be treated for illness.

I don't know about you but my thoughts are "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". There are changes that need to be made, but thats another blog.

If you feel the same way, and odds are you do. DON'T JUST SIT THERE, DO SOMETHING! Speak up! Make copies of this blog and pass them around. Attend the upcoming Tea Party Rally in Cincinnatti, Ohio. And by all means, VOTE!

God Bless you and God Bless the U. S. A.


Mark Pierce said...

Dad - you make a powerful and coherent argument. Well written and well supported. For those who have health care insurance in America, they have the best health care in the world. Those who don't have health care insurance must make a choice when it comes to serious illness - financial bankruptcy or health care. Sadly, I now find myself in this latter camp. For many people without health insurance, they have no wealth to lose, and so they freely use what costs everyone else so much. But for those who cannot obtain health insurance because of preexisting conditions combined with self-employment or unemployment AND who have real assets to lose (like a paid for home), the American health care / insurance system presents a real conundrum. In this and in this alone, I feel that the free enterprise system has let me down. All my love, Mark

Todd Pierce said...

Prolonged serious illness RESULTS IN BANKRUPTCIES even for those with health insurance, as insurance companies are deft at finding ways to avoid payment (by finding “unreported pre-existing conditions” like acne, or by eventually dropping the “customer”). According to the American Journal of Medicine, 62% of US bankruptcies are due to medical bills, and a significant portion of those people initially had medical insurance.

Correcting these and other injustices requires government regulation, in my opinion.

However, the current Senate bill, which may soon become law, will BANKRUPT THE ENTIRE NATION. It will most certainly increase the cost of health care (via increased inefficiency, waste and fraud) while decreasing both quality and quantity of care (via rationing, panels, and non-physician care of “physician-aides”). At the same time this entitlement will provide funding for abortion in the short term and provide coverage for illegal aliens in the long term.

How ironic that the fate of the progressives' long standing dream of health care entitlement now lies in the hands of pro-life members of the Democratic Party! For what it’s worth, I believe Stupak and company will fold, the Senate bill will be approved by the House, and President Obama will sign it into law. (I hope I’m wrong).

I am forced to consider why many career politicians are willing to “fall on their sword” for such a partisan bill (as Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell said, the only thing bi-partisan about this bill will be the opposition to it). I have come to the following position:

Presidential candidate Barack Obama promised change, and now President Obama is delivering on that promise. What is being reformed, however, is not health care, but the nation’s economy. This “reform” is another BIG step in the intentional deconstruction of America’s culture, identity, and economy. The end game isn't just the deconstruction of traditional America; it is the reconstruction of America according to the precepts of a radical left socialistic ideology.

Again, I hope I’m wrong.