Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This time last year I was attempting to make a cross the USA charity bike ride to refurbish the sanctuary of my church. My cousin, Cheryl, pledged a hundred dollars ($100) to my effort. As I have previously blogged, a number of times (!!!), I was unable to make the ride.

Today, for my 79th birthday, I received a card from this "long lost" cousin. In addition to the thoughtful well wishes was a check for the hundred dollars ($100) for the church, even though I did not make the ride. What a wonderful thing to do!

It is an old saying, but one that I firmly believe is true, you cannot out give God. May He, in his mercy, repay Cheryl, and her husband Jack, many times for this kindness. Being a Pierce, not withstanding, CHERYL AND JACK ARE QUALITY PEOPLE!

I have not given up on making that trike ride from San Diego to St. Augustine, FL.

My son, Todd, and his delightful wife, Amy, depart this upcoming Friday from Cincinnatti on a bicycle trip to Huron, Ohio, from the river to the lake. It is the 4th year of P.A.C.E., (Pierce Annual Cycling Expedition). Although this is their most ambitious ride, last year they rode from Piedmont, AL to Atlanta, GA.

As cousin Cheryl once reminded me, speaking of Mark, THE APPLE DOESN'T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE! Wise woman. Yep!

Their planned mileage for this trip is 285 1/2 miles. As their daughter, Christy Anne says, that 1/2 miles counts. Un Huh!

I am providing "wheels" home for them and giving whatever support is needed on the North end of their trip.

They plan to be at the families retreat at Knox Lake on Tuesday. I'll meet them there and provide transportation to the home of my other son, Mark, in Mansfield in time for Todd and Amy to catch the next episode of '"LOST". No TV at the lake!

While Todd and I are together I want to discuss another try at the Southern Tier Bike Crossing. Looking at the trail profile, pictured above, it is a steady climb from San Diego to the first mountain range. It is then a steep 17 mile climb followed by a second steep 34 mile climb. At that point, however, it is maybe a 200 mile downhill run to the next mountain range.

I will suggest to Todd that He and I use my van for the uphill portions and cross the country just taking turns riding the down hill portions. Take about three weeks for the crossing in November of this year.

Using the van, of course, we would ride empty bikes making the ride even easier. We could meet for a morning snack, lunch and then the driver could go ahead and set up camp for the night. In places, like the hill country of East Texas, or when we run into really foul weather, we could just spend a day driving. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN!

I don't know if this will "TICKLE TODD'S FANCY" or not. We'll see. If not, how would you like to see the country from the seat of a bicycle. or even the seat of my van? Huh?

Why do something like this? One more time, exactly what are you doing that is NEW, DIFFERENT OR EXCITING? I'd like to think, however, that it is QUALITY SHOWING THROUGH. Of course, at age 79, I may just be getting senile? IF SO, I'VE BEEN SENILE SINCE I WAS, MAYBE, 17, AND JOINED THE NAVY! Hmmmmm!

Thank you, Cheryl, for the gift to the church, the birthday wishes and for something to write about in my 20th blog for this month. At times I refer to my self as having diarrhea of the mouth. Could I now be afflicted with diarrhea of the blog? IS THERE A CURE?

God Bless!


Phatmom said...

So glad you liked the gift! I had to ask Mark the name of your church. I had to swear him to secrecy about the surprise or otherwise, I'd have to kill him. I reckon he was a good boy. Therefore, he can live.

Mark Pierce said...

Hey I kept the secret! In the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree," not only did I give Cheryl the name of Dad's church, but I also gave her the name of my church and the date of my upcoming birthday! - Mark