Saturday, March 13, 2010

SPRING! Lived through another winter, yeah!

SPRING? Well, not quite, at least not according to the calendar, not for another week. But, who goes by the calendar. The clocks SPRING ahead an hour tonight. That happens in the SPRING, right?

And, the three feet of snow that has been in my front yard for weeks now is all gone. Donna, who has faithfully kept the snow shovelled, will be glad. Three days of rain, which is causing floods throughout Northeast Ohio, has washed away the mountains of snow almost overnight. Hello Kentucky and West Virginia, we're sending this water your way.

Why, Julie has the CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE for St. Paddies day in the crock pot as I write. We buy our IRISH SODA BREAD, which is only available in the SPRING at our local Acme's. Boo! They had sold out when we got there but will have more at 8AM. We'll stop and get some on the way to church in the morning.

Yep! SPRINGS come at last although winter took it's toll. It kept me housebound, as far as walking was concerned, for the better part of two months. My worn out hip desperately needs to be exercised and I've walked it now for three days straight, rain and all. I enjoyed being out. My dog, Gunner, he was so happy to be able to run free.

Last year's flowers are all gone. The ORNAMENTAL CABBAGE that looked so beautiful when the snow first fell, was totally squashed and smothered by the long deep snow. The DUSTY MILLER in Julie's rock garden held it's own around the big maple tree.

WHOA, THAR, PARTNER! Is that green I see peaking through the barely thawed ground? Why, I believe its TULIPS AND CROCUSES. And, take a peek at these little jewels. Its SEDUM, (or Live Forever). When do we get these flowers? SPRINGTIME, in northeast Ohio, THAT'S WHEN!

My eldest son, Mark, has been riding his bike already. I haven't but will be soon. My younger son, Todd, and his wife, Amy, have planned a CROSS OHIO, SOUTH TO NORTH bike trip over the Easter Break--Amy is a teacher. Serious, year-around-bikers who amass thousands of miles each year on their bikes, they are riding from Cincinnatti on the Ohio River to Huron on Lake Erie. I get to provide the wheels to get them back home. Time spent with Todd and Amy is truly the best-of-times.

Want another sign of spring? I oiled my grandson, Riley's, baseball mitt for him a couple nights ago. SPRING, BASEBALL, yep, springs here.

Last, but not least, SPRING TIME BIRTHDAYS. At least since I got out of the Navy in the early '50s, my brother, Henry, and I called each other without fail on March 1st each year to remember our Grandma Pierce's birthday. I miss Henry. He wasn't worth much or good looking like me but it was a tradition we shared over many years. Need I say, on March 31st is my birthday. I know its coming, I can feel it in my old bones, HA.

My good friend, Sally Wilson, has a birthday on March 16th. Just a tad younger than me, she is one of those women who somehow just continues to be lovely. I've got a card ready to mail to her making fun of her looks. She'll get after me, thats for sure. She and her husband, Don, left the sunshine of Phoenix, AZ to get home in time for mine and Julie's South Sea Island Sea Food Buffett on March 20th.

For Maude in California, Dottie in West Virginia, Cheryl in Virginia, Myrna Rae in Florida and all you friends and family where ever you may be out there, SPRING is here. Lets enjoy it!

God Bless!

SUNDAY MORNING CONFIRMATION OF SPRING: Saw 4 robins going to church. That settles it! SPRING has sprung. Hurrah!

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Mark Pierce said...

Dad - What an encouraging message. I love the pictures too. You have eyes to see things I completely miss. Thanks for the great reminders about spring. Also, I didn't know about Todd and Amy's bike trip. What fun for them... and for you! Your readers will expect pictures and another story. All my love, Mark