Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TIME TO PAY OFF: My Grandson Won the Bet

My youngest Grandson, 11-year-old Riley, picked the Saints. I played the odds, took the Colts and gave 7 points. Was I foolish? Not really. I had already collected hot dog-milk shake bets twice. We went to the Dairy Queen. You know the result of the Super Bowl. Riley sure didn't need the 7 points did he?

Some bets are a joy to pay off. This loss fell into that category. I offered to make it a trip to their favorite restaurant, The Cracker Barrel, and Riley was quick to accept. I'm not sure my offer to include his sister in the payoff met with his approval but he was a good sport about it.

We got my favorite winter seat--right in front of the fire place. I asked the pretty waitress if she'd put on a couple more logs and she had someone do just that. We've had such a bitter winter but roasting in front of this large fireplace helped.

The waitress gave me an adult menu but gave Riley and Rosebud a child's menu. In the past Riley has always picked blue berry pancakes and bacon off the child's menu. I almost always get blueberry pancakes and did again this time. Riley said he really didn't see anything on the "CHILD'S" menu that he wanted. I asked if he'd like to order from the "ADULT" menu? He was quick to say yes.

In short order he ordered a full sirloin steak dinner with all the trimmings. I asked if he'd like me to cut up that large piece of meat for him. "No", he replied, "I can handle it". Handle it he did, piece by piece with that big steak knife. He scrafed down every scrap of that big steak plus most of the potatoes. He is not a teenager yet but he sure eats like one. Great!

Rosebud ordered chicken sticks and fries and took half of them home with her. She is such a little sweetie.

While we were waiting on the food the kids played checkers. Riley is very astute but his little sister made a game of it for him. How precious.

Riley and Rosebud came late in Kimberly's life. Took her awhile to figure out what went where when and how. Ummmm. No, actually she had a blood problem that it took about seven years for the doctors to figure out. When the problem was identified Riley came with Rosebud right behind him. I'm sure the good Lord arranged all that so that I could enjoy small grandchildren in my old age. Enjoy them I do.

Old Irish Proverb:

"You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was"

God Bless!


Phatmom said...

I always enjoy reading about those two! I know they are lots of fun to be around and they bring Grandpa lots of joy.

Mark Pierce said...

Dad - I'm really enjoying my Saturday morning reading. Your blog is back in a big way. GREAT! You are such a wonderful grandfather. My children have so much to be thankful for because of the special things you have done with them. Love, Mark