Monday, March 1, 2010

TOUGH!!! The Warranty Has Run Out

When I met my friend and 1948 high school class mate at our 60th reunion, we hadn't seen each other since the 50th reunion. I inquired about Dottie's well being and she said she was "Fighting a Hip Replacement". I extended my sympathy. Today, I can truly extend my empathy.

My left hip has been giving me fits for the last few months. I had trouble at Thanksgiving time and it just went downhill from there. In addition to not being able to wash or dry my left foot, put on my sock or shoe, I had serious pain each night.

I have found out what the problem is and am working on the cure.

It seems as how God only warrants original equipment hips for 75 years or one million miles. Trust me, I'm well beyond both of those warranties.

The xray indicated that I was suffering from arthiritic deteriation. In plain language, MY LEFT HIP WAS WORN OUT! A replacement hip was advised and a surgeon recommended.

Thank goodness for web site information. I read up on hip replacements. One site even let me use the scapel, on the computer, and perform the operation myself. I didn't go all the way through the simulation but I did enough to understand how complicated the hip is.

Hip replacement involves a lot of pain. It also involves a long recovery time. And the replaced hip must be used with care. Other than those negatives, a couple facts caught my attention.

Number one, the projected life of a hip replacement is ten years. I start working on being 80 at the end of this month. I DONT WANT TO GO THROUGH ANOTHER HIP REPLACEMENT AT THE AGE OF 90. Why, I'll be an old man then and I'm sure I won't want to stop having my last life flings to spend six months in therapy.

And, number two, and far more serious, it was stated that for people over the age of 50 a hip replacement would probably last them the rest of their lives. Boy, that's bad news, huh? If you read between the lines of that statement it says if you're over 50 A HIP REPLACEMENT WILL PROBABLY KILL YOU! Huh un, not for me. Those suregeons will just have to get rich off someone else.

Heck, I'm just starting to get things figured out. Why'd I want to up and take a risk with something this riduclous? I have a great year planned for 2010, ( another blog) and, the good Lord willing and the krick don't get too high, I have lots of other plans for years to come. LIFE COULDN'T BE SWEETER!

There are viable alternatives to replacing the hip. Two stand out.

Lose weight thereby reducing the stress on the hip. I've commenced to make a run at weight reduction. I can lose 75 pounds and still be in good shape.

Number two, therapy, therapy and more therapy. A LOT OF PAIN AND A LITTLE GAIN. In just two weeks of "working out" I can now take care of my left foot and walk about normal. More important, I am no longer having pain at night. The latter is sure appreciated.

I'll get back to serious walking as soon as the snow is gone--don't want to risk a slip or fall. Push comes to shove, I can use a cane and take other actions. I'm optimistic.

Other wise I am in pretty good shape. Sadly more good than pretty! What can I say? I'm working on it--maybe part my hair in the middle. No, that wouldn't work. There isn't all that much hair left in the middle to part. Hmmmm

I pray and trust that your health is good and that you are finding life exciting? Ask yourself daily "what's new, different, and exciting"? If the answer is "NOTHING", well, get busy. In spite of the circumstances in which we find ourselves, it is always our life. At least in America, we are free to make our lives what we want it to be. Make your's exciting. I'm going to and so can you. Neither people nor circumstances, and most assuredly not money or the lack thereof, can keep you from happiness.

St. John 10:10 says "Christ came that we might have life to the full, that we might have the more abundant life" and Walt 1:1 clearly states that "Christ came that we might enjoy living on the cutting edge of life". LETS LIVE IT UP! I will if you will?

God Bless


Phatmom said...

I think you're taking the wise approach! Live long and prosper!

Becky said...

That is smart... to find other alternatives to a hip replacement surgery. My mom just recently had a knee replacement surgery. Her Dr. had told her the same thing... lose weight and seek physical therapy. That worked for her for about 3 years, however keeping the weight off was difficult for her... she needed exercise but didn't feel good enough to exercise because of the pain in her knee (caused by her weight)- vicious cycle. She had had enough and decided to go forward with a knee replacement. She did her research and found a wonderful surgeon who only specialized in knee replacements. She is doing very well now and has been able to take the weight off. That would be my advice to you... if it ever does come down to needing a hip replacement, do your research and find a good surgeon.

There is a good book out there titled, "Hip replacement in Kettering General Hospital" by
David Sharman that outlines his (the author's) own experience with hip replacement surgery, and the trauma he went through by NOT getting a good medical team to conduct his surgery. Joint replacement can be a good thing, as long as the surgeries are done correctly by well trained, experienced Dr.'s.