Saturday, March 27, 2010


What I think we need in this country today is more HARD HEARTED people!

My guard dog, Gunner, minds me. He is a big, black Giant Schnauzer. He is stronger than me and far quicker than I am. Yet, when I tell him to go to the top of the stairs, lay down and stay there until I tell him to move, he does it immediately. He doesn't think about it, he doesn't try to negotiate about it, he just does it.

Gunner is just four years old. His previous owner bought him as a pup but acknowledged, when he so very generously gave him to me about six months ago, that he had not invested one single moment of one-on-one time with the dog. A FINE ANIMAL, HE WAS INCORRIBIBLE! Yet, today he is quiet and reserved with only one main reason in life and that is to protect me and mine.

I HAVE NEVER IN ANY WAY ABUSED GUNNER! From the instant he came into my home, however, he found out that his very life depended upon his pleasing me. I feed him twice a day, he loves to eat. I feed him the best dog food on the market. I carefully feed him enough to keep him in top physical shape but no more. To get the warm, moistened food, however, he must sit quietly until I tell him he can have the food and then he must eat it with the bowl between my feet. And, he must immediately eat it all. If he walks away, the food is gone until the next feeding time. He was a very fast learner!

From day one he learned that until he carried out my last command, not a suggestion, not a request, my command, until he obeyed it he could do nothing else. He could not play. He could not go take a pee. He could do absolutely nothing until he minded me. EVERY TIME! Again, he was a very fast learner!

He takes a pee when I tell him to do so. Again, he sits at the open door until I tell him he may go take that pee. When he returns, most of the time, he has a very small treat. When he is running loose, and maybe a hundred yards away from me, when I call him he immediately runs directly to me and sits in front of me looking up for his "atta boy". If on the way to me, I tell him to stop and lay down, he stops and lays down. We do this during every walk. EVERY WALK!

He is a very happy, well fed, well exercised dog. He travels with me in my van. We play fetch in the hall at the top of the stairs--he is hard on tennis balls. He waits impatiently for my second cup of coffee at breakfast when he knows I'll scratch his ears. He has been to the vet and has had all his medical needs provided. He has fresh water at all times. He sleeps at the foot of my bed on the best bed money can buy. He is absolutely never more than a step away from where I am, if that. I am his master and he loves me above all others. I love him in return. (But, I never forget that he is a dog).

When my friends come to visit they are always amazed at Gunner. They think he is so "smart". THEY WISH THAT THEIR DOGS WERE LIKE THAT! Gunner's obedience has nothing whatsoever to do with being smart. It has to do with my determination to justify my being his master. I know some think it has to do with my being HARD HEARTED. Truly, I am not hard hearted.

THIS BLOG IS NOT ABOUT THE OBEDIENCE OF MY DOG! It is about what I believe to be the major problem in our country today.

Tonight my wife is keeping her great grand child for the night because the Mother is "depressed". The granddaughter, a single mom, has "gone out" with an older sibling and some friends. I WOULD NOT HAVE KEPT THE CHILD, a precious little boy, maybe six months old. Although I did not question my good wife's decision, when she elected to discuss that decision with me I commented that raising small children often is depressing, especially so when the mother is struggling to earn a degree in nursing. AM I HARD HEARTED?

There has never been a question about my wife being "hard hearted". She is a warm hearted softie! I mean, she tolerates me, doesn't she? Then, again, neither her dogs nor her children ever won any prizes in obedience!

I reared my three children with the same determined discipline that I apply to my dog. I was determined to justify being their father. The children understood the rules and lived by them. THEY LEARNED EARLY IN LIFE THAT THEY HAD TO WORK, WHETHER HOUSEHOLD CHORES, PIANO LESSONS OR FOOTBALL! I know I have, and have always had, their unreserved love. Today they are well educated professionals married to professionals. When the kids were very small, almost without exception, my friends considered me to be HARD HEARTED!

In my neighborhood, as around the nation, I observe people who expect AND SADLY RECEIVE THAT WHICH THEY HAVE NOT EARNED. Even when others give them every opportunity to improve their lives and get off the "dole" they walk away from the opportunity. Even sadder is the fact that generation after generation is following in the same footsteps. HARD HEARTED AGAIN? You decide!

I am so proud of my daughter and her husband. Although financially secure, they refuse to give large, undeserved rewards to my two small grandchildren. While these young children are blessed with every conceivable opportunity to develop their ability and character, they each have to work hard to earn what has been afforded them.


Taking away from what my daughter and her husband have worked so hard to achieve to give to my neighbors who have broken every rule, refused opportunity and causes problems when undeserved blessings are not forth coming, THAT IS JUST PLAIN WRONG!

What I think we need is some HARD HEARTED leaders who will say "get off your behind and go to work" and mean it! OF COURSE MY NEIGHBOR DOES NOT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE. She could have had health insurance and other benefits if she would have worked at the job generously provided for her. I wouldn't have health insurance if my wife and I hadn't worked for it.

We live well but all of our lives we paid our dues. When we were both caught up in a plant closing, we got other jobs. Yes, although Julie had been a highly paid, technical engineer, she took a job on a split shift at McDonalds until something better came along.

We worked, we worked hard, we worked while our peers played, we worked when we weren't well, we qualified for higher pay, we earned what we have, when we were paid we didn't spent it all, and, we expected no one to give us anything, excepting the opportunity with which all Americans are blessed, the right to PURSUE happiness. I retired as an Associate Vice President with Prudential at age 60. I'm proud to be an American!


Folks, LIKE OUR FOREFATHERS, let's get involved and reclaim our country. Lets all be HARD HEARTED with the political leaders who perpetuate taking from the workers and giving to the non producers for the sake of their vote.

Let's correct the problems, and there are problems, but LET'S NOT GIVE AWAY THE FARM!

I'll do my part if you'll do yours.

God Bless!

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