Friday, April 2, 2010


Today is the first really warm day of spring in Barberton, Ohio. It is a bright, sun shiny day, about 80 degrees, barely a cloud in the sky with a light and variable wind. A perfect day!

Trying to recover from a hip problem, I need to walk. I decided to walk to McDonalds for a McChicken and a senior coffee, to the thrift store and home again, visiting the nearby city park, Lake Anna, going and coming.

As I walked out my front door I was reminded that I was not the only person enjoying this wonderful day. The neighbor children were trying to chat with the mail man, a gentleman who is a bit offish. There was nothing "offish" about MANDY AND JACKY, unless it was "offish" to their cold weather clothing. Truly a couple of sweethearts that we have watched grow up. They and their parents, Steve and Rosie, are ideal neighbors.

Can anyone enjoy spring more than young children? I don't think so. You can almost feel the joy in these lovely youngster's faces. I wanted to take a picture of a grandmother and granddaughter both dressed in bright pink. Sadly the lady refused, which speaks volumns about the state of security in our nation.

On the return trip I was sitting on a park bench watching as a lady slowly with difficulty made her way around the lake on a walker. I thought that when she got close I'd walk over the hill and ask to take her picture. No need to walk over the hill! She laboriously climbed the stone steps to where I was setting. She explained, if I understood correctly, that she had heart problems with complications, but she wasn't "giving up". Typical of her generation, to "give up" is just not in her vocabulary. HANG IN THERE, SIS, YOU'LL MAKE IT!

It is a day for sweethearts and friends. Here are two of many that were out for the day.

Let's see, what else goes with spring? FISHING? You betcha! I asked this young man "not to catch them all, to leave a little seed stock" . I'm not at all sure he understood what I was saying but he was courteous and polite and allowed me to take this great picture. When we have such clean cut young men as this going fishing, I am encouraged to have hope for the future of our Republic.

Speaking of the Republic, check out Old Glory. She couldn't decide which way she wanted to fly. When I started to take the picture she was standing straight out with a wind from the East, unusual. When I brought up the camera, the flag went limp. Immediately, however, she bravely waved again, but this time from the West.

What else happens in spring? BLOSSOMS! Right. The little magnolia tree in the park looked a bit lonesome blooming all by itself. Much better than my French Lilac at home which is just budding out, however.

OH, YES! LAST BUT BY NO MEANS LEAST, BASEBALL! A nearby neighbor of 26 years, whom I have never met, again speaking volumns of today's society, was playing "bat the ball" with his, perhaps four-year-old, grandson. MEET CHUCK AND HIS GRANDSON, LIAM. I mean with a good Irish name like LIAM, these have to be good people.

God Bless you and God Bless the USA.

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