Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SARAH PALIN: A Real Winner!

I like Sarah Palin!

No, I don't like her because she is physically pretty, although that doesn't make me like her any less. I like her because of her character and because of what she has accomplished and what I, along with many other Americans, perceive that she might accomplish if given the chance.

If Sarah stubbed her toe I'll bet it would make national news. Anything that might make her look to be less than she is will be highlighted in the biased media. Today, she is under attack for a speaking contract.

SARAH PALIN IS A PRIVATE CITIZEN. Unless she breaks a law, her speaking contract is really no bodies business. Why the interest? It could just be plain old jealousy!

She has reportedly earned, uh, let me highlight that, EARNED, 12 million dollars since she resigned last July. Her speaking fee for an upcoming engagement in California is supposedly $100,000. The article neglected to mention the speaking fees she has signed over to one or the other charities.

If Fox News isn't careful with their trash, someone will dig through it like they did in California and report what they pay Sarah. Hmmm. No, those who breached individuals privacy received no criticism. Maybe Bill O Reilly will straigten them out?

I have yet to see any criticism for Bill Clinton's speaking fees which drawf Sarah's $100,000. I have never heard that Clinton ever signed any money over to anyone. Wonder why the media doesn't carry front page, critical news about Clinton who is a confirmed liar and cheat?

THE REAL REASON FOR THE MEDIA ATTACKS IS THAT SHE IS A POLITICAL THREAT. I say "hurrah"! She has earned, uh, let me highlight that, EARNED, their fear. Consider what she accomplished for the good folks of Alaska, the vast majority of whom adore her.

ALASKA IS THE LEAST TAXED STATE IN THE UNION. Wow, can you imagine this: No state sales tax, no state income tax and no state inheritance tax. Think of that! How are you doing in your state. Wouldn't you love to have someone like Sarah kick the over tax and over spend bums out of your state?

EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD RECEIVES PAYMENT FOR THE OIL REMOVED FROM THE STATE OF ALASKA. Well, really now, how much money? In 2008 it was $3,269 for every man, woman and child who had lived in Alaska for one year. Thats over a thousand dollars a month for a family of four, a meaningful amount, huh? Sarah stopped the oil industry rape of Alaskan resources. Those resources belonged to the people of Alaska.


Sarah Palin is a leader. She was a leader in high school basket ball when she acknowledged that she was not the best player. She is moral. She is a family minded person. She works. She has acquired a good understanding of business. She was just naturally adopted as a leader in the Tea Party Movement that has the BUMS running scared.

SHE THREW OUT THE BUMS IN ALASKA! Yes, when she became Governor she cleaned house, including those of her own party. Could it be that the BUMS in power in Washington are concerned that she might do the same thing there? What do you think?

DO I LIKE HER BECAUSE SHE SENT ME A CHRISTMAS CARD? I sure do! It is a treasure and a keepsake!

You have all seen Sarah Palin many times. Compare what you saw to this picture of President Obama dishonoring the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States. Maybe it would be different if the flag had a sickle moon instead of the stars or stripes. IS THIS FAIR?Well, he did say when he was president he would visit all 57 states. Islam has 57 states, we only have 50. He is abandoning Israel and bowing to Arab leaders. He has spent us into receivership and plans to tax us more. Can you say VAT tax? It is surly coming with Obama and the Democrats being the only party in charge of Congress.

CAN YOU SAY REPEAL? Please plan to vote in November and in 2012.

God Bless us everyone and God Bless the USA

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