Tuesday, May 4, 2010


A dear friend in California emailed today to inquire if I was well. I haven't blogged for 12 days, she said, and the last time that happened I had some physical problems. I thanked her for caring enough to ask.

I am well although I still struggle with a hip problem. I have relocated to Knox Lake Camp, A Pierce Family Retreat for the summer.

I am home now to get a haircut, my toe nails cut--I can't do that anymore--and take care of my monthly business. Also, clean laundry time. Hmmm. No laundry facilities at the lake short of jumping in the lake.

Ours is a pretty basic camp, no television or phone. We do have a television there but have only used it to watch movies. I had my wife, Julie, call about getting Warner Cable installed but that hasn't happened yet. With the cable installation I'll be able to use my computer there for the first time. Then, I'll be able to continue blogging, which I enjoy.I was in the Dayton, Ohio area Saturday for the graduation of my grand daughter, Jillian Elizabeth Pierce, from the University of Cedarville. She was a psych major and graduated with high honors. Un huh! Smart like her grandpa--got his good looks, too!

Jillian is engaged to marry Mr. Tim Vincent on August 14th, upcoming. He is a Mechinical Engineer working for the Department of Defense at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. I got to meet Tim's parents and siblings. I also got to see Jill and Tim's new home on which they just closed the purchase.

Although my son, Mark, Jillian's Dad, drove down to Dayton and back, it was a tiring 14 hour ordeal for me. I AM GETTING OLD! Ummmmm. The last few hours of the trip was very stressful and I'll require a couple days of rest to get back to normal.

I think I'm still good for about a seven hour trip, like going to Myrtle Beach, where we stop and gawk a lot, a good night's rest and then another seven hours of stopping and gawking to the destination.

I recently spent about 20 continous hours supporting my son, Todd, and his wife, Amy, on a cross Ohio bike trip. It took me three days to get over that.

As a result of these two experiences, I've decided to cancel my plans to fly to Boston next week for the wedding of my grandson, David. I emailed him my regrets and he was very gracious and understanding. I also cancelled a planned trip to Cincinnatti tomorrow to have Todd work on my trike. Not up to that at all!

I look forward to a summer at the lake. I've been fishing a bit and catching a few. Nothing serious yet but hope to fish more this year than in recent years. Plan to landscape the lot and plant some more fruit trees and berries, as well as a grape arbor. And, of course, I plan a vegetable garden. May is planting time in Northeast Ohio. At heart I'm just a red-necked farmer, pick my banjo and listen to the beans a-growin. Yeah!

I hope to make a cruise next fall on my sail boat, the S/V Christy Anne. Haven't used her recently and the lady needs attention! Don't they all, especially pretty ones like she happens to be.

Donna, the nice young lady who works for us, has just completed her first year with us. She is married to Benny who has been unemployed for some time now. Benny is also going to start working weekends for me down at the lake. He is young and can handle the heavy lifting. HA

I'm not exactly certain when the next blog will be written, but it's coming. Be patient. I most sincerely appreciate all who see fit to read what I write.

Take time to smell the roses!

God Bless

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