Friday, May 28, 2010

I'M BACK: Computer Up & Running at Lake

My last blog was May 11, 2010. Warner had the cable installed a couple weeks ago at the families lake side retreat, where I live in the summer, but it took awhile to get this new computer on line. Julie has worked on it for two weekends but she has it on line at last.

Our good friends, Bill and Carla Ludwig, are computer illiterate but had two computer given to them years ago by their children. When they found out we were adding a computer at the lake they gifted both computers to us. Thanks friends!

Space here is at a premium, and that is putting it kindly. We have "stuff" everywhere, on the shelves and on the walls.

I have the computer in my Ethan Allen Secretary. It is a beautiful piece of furniture designed 50 years ago more for looks than for function. At the moment it is "make do" but we'll go shopping to add what is needed for blogging comfortably.

Julie is at the lake for a long weekend--we plan to hibernate and enjoy one another. Well, that was the stated plan. So far I don't think Julie has been quiet for more than five minutes except when we went out for dinner. Am I complaining? Are you kidding? Not only has she cleaned up after this old man "batching" but has also baked me a Bumbleberry Pie. Yum Yum!

After weeks of rain and cold, it has finally warmed up to the upper 80's but inside it is air conditioned to a comfortable 76 degrees. Sleeping at night with all the windows open is wonderful. Working hard, I sleep the sleep of the innocence. Umm! Well, I sleep well. HA

I am landscaping the lake side lawn. I used to think that "old" was between the ears but am finding that for every twenty minutes of work I need about the same amount of rest. In the last couple weeks I've removed about 40 x 4 foot of sod, added good garden soil and planted nine roses.

Normally, I would have planted Queen Elizabeth florabunda roses. I love the mass of pink. I decided to try something different, however, and planted Angle Face florabunda, a lavender/pink rose. In the middle of the planting, right in front of the front door, and across the drive way, I will install a beautiful trellis, which I bought several years ago. I'll plant climbing purple clematis to cover the trellis.

I'm reducing the 16' x 90' strip of lawn to an 8' x 50' between two trellis, which I'll build. The rose bed will be on one side of the lawn. On the other side, inside the fence, I'll plant two sour cherry and two peach trees, mulched and under planted with perennials.

I underplanted the front trellis area this week. I added one Perfume Delight Tea Rose for Julie to the left of where the bench will be in the trellis. I planted two rows of Dinner Plate Dalias, ten hollyhocks at either end of the planting and other assorted perennials, also given to me by friend Carla. I planted purple clematis for the trellis also.

I've got two sweet cherry trees to plant also.

I need to get my garden planted this weekend also, if I can. I'll start getting it ready to roto till tomorrow.

Fishing? I walk over to the lake most evenings to catch a few small bass on ultra light gear. I hope to do some serious cat fishing this summer.

Cookouts? Julie brought enough cookout material to last the summer I think.

Gunner? He thinks he has died and gone to heaven. I can't get that dog two feet from me. I enjoy the company, most of the time.

Donna, the nice lady who is into her second year of working for us, has been a great help. Her husband, Benny, has been laid off from a 27 year job for several months. I've hired him to also work weekends for me. They have been down the last two weekends. Donna is a jewel at any thing and Benny is going to do "grunt" work for me. Benny obeserved, while gulping down waffles and bacon after a dish of fresh fruit, that "this is the best food I've ever had". We eat well. HA

Not much of a blog. Sorry! More to come. Just wanted to say "I'm Back"!

God Bless


Mark Pierce said...

Dad - You wrote "not much of a blog." These are my favorite kind. I love hearing what's happening! Hope you and Julie can come up for a cookout on Monday at 12:30PM. All my girls and their girls will be here and I know how you like those younger gals! ha! Love you, Mark

Phatmom said...

Glad to see you are back. Sure do miss you when you're not online. Your lake house and property sounds like a wonderful retreat.

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