Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BONDING: Jillian and Gunner

In a personal program that calls for me to leave the lake retreat at least once during the week, I called my son Mark and invited myself to share pizza with he and Mary Kay tonight. I was so pleased when I got to Marks that my granddaughter, Jillian Elizabeth, was home.

Jillian is six weeks away from her wedding day. She and her groom-to-be, Tim, bought a home in Dayton where Tim is employed by the miltary at the air force base. Until a few years ago Jillian was the baby of the family as shown in this picture of my "older" grandchildren.

Gunner made his first visit to Mark and Mary Kay. He did just fine. He met Jillian. It was love at first sight for each of them.

I should have left Gunner with Jillian. When I got back to the lake and let him out of the van he jumped right on one of my new roses breaking off a branch. BOO!

I planted a Parfume Delight Rose for Julie. It is going like gang-busters. At the moment it has three large roses that perfume the entire yard.

Uh, yes, I've got my cell phone camera going again -- Thanks Mark!

What a blessing is family--all, far and wide.

God Bless!

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