Monday, July 5, 2010

A FRIEND IN NEED, A FRIEND IN DEED: Telling it like it is!

I don't consider my self ever to have been mean or overbearing. To the contrary, I have always strived to be friendly and helpful. Having said that, I have alway been a Fox News Guy, "fair and balanced". Whether with a drug crazed man with a loaded shotgun or a belligerent hourly employee, I've always managed to stand up and be counted.

I have always been one of the big boys!

My wife, Julie, and I have often chuckled at our first meeting. We both worked for Firestone. When Firestone closed 10 North American tire plants and Goodyear closed 11, in May of 1980, we both lost our jobs. I was the Manger of Tire Production and Julie was a Technical Engineer.

I had hired Julie. As the Manager of Personnel first brought her to my office to be interviewed Dick shared this information with her. "Mr. Pierce will scare you to death. He scares most people. Just speak right up to him because he is the fairest person I know". TRUST ME, AFTER 30 YEARS OF MARRIAGE, JULIE IS NOT ONE WHIT SCARED OF ME. More likely the other way around! SHE CERTAINLY SPEAKS UP TODAY. ha

I shared this last paragraph to establish the setting for another person who has just "SPOKE RIGHT UP" to me. If it is done with respect, I love it when someone does that.

It takes courage to be a friend that can say some things. Like, "your breath is really foul. Are you getting proper dental care?" Or, maybe, "I know you're teasing but I think that waitress is about to sock you one". (I get good dental care but I love pretty waitresses, and they are all pretty, right?) You get the idea!

On July 1 I wrote a blog describing how I had become extremely depressed with normal aches and pains of growing old. I did every thing in the blog except show the scars from my operations! (I would probably have done that if my phone camera was working--I've got the scars. HA) I also mentioned that I hated whiners and didn't mean to whine.

Well, I've got a friend of 62 years and counting. She had a full career in the U. S. Foresty Service and will soon be celebrating her 80th birthday. I have always traveled just for fun and games, around the world, and really looked forward to being with Maude (Blankenship) Morris on her up coming birthday. I am physically unable to do so at this time but hope to visit her this winter when I'm, hopefully, feeling better and Julie can travel with me.

Not knowing what, Maude perceived that I was having a problem so she constantly emailed and called me. She has since talked to Julie. I have my cell phone but it does not work at the lake where I am so I do not get her calls, but I know when she has called. Depressed, I stopped writing, including answering my emails.

When she read my July 1 blog which I had written in answer to Cheryl's WAZZUP WALT, Maude fired an email right back to me telling me that while I may not like whiners, that was what I was doing, whining! In more polite words, maybe, she told me to get up, get my behind in gear and get with the program! AND TO STOP THAT WHINING!


I shared her email with Julie who said "GOOD FOR MAUDE!"

When asked "how I am" I like to say MEEK, LOWLY AND HUMBLE, SWEET, GENTLE AND KIND. I also like to say that my wife is MEAN, GROUCHY, OVERBEARING AND TIGHT WITH HER MONEY". In a blog I said I've been like that since I was a young man.

Knowing me as a young man Maude straightened me out on that too. She said I CERTAINLY WAS NOT MEEK. NEITHER, SHE SAID WAS I LOWLY, (Maybe low down?) AND I WAS IN NO WAY HUMBLE. SWEET, WELL, MAYBE, I HAD A NICE SMILE. Thankfully, she agreed that I was GENTLE AND KIND.

Maude was my friend in 1947. Maude is my friend today.


To friends and family, who were probably embarrassed as they read my whining, RELAX. I GOT THE WORD. HA

God Bless!


Julie Pierce said...

Walt, My Dear Husband Glad to have you alive and kicking. God Bless Maude she tells it like it is. Love her.

Mark Pierce said...

You are fortunate to have a friend like Maude. For what it's worth, I know you well enough that even if there were more than the normal number of complaints in your last post, I never considered it whining. There is another attribute that I value in your writing: transparency. I know how you're doing by how you write. And I love you no matter how you feel or how you write. Such love is unconditional - I don't always agree with you. But I love you and I love the words you share here. An honest blog with complaints is better than no blog at all! Always yours, Mark

Phatmom said...

I'm with Mark and Julie on this. There were many things that came to mind when I read your blog. Complaining really wasn't one of them. As Mark said, I can tell how you feel by the way you write (or don't write at all). You have been in my prayers. If you're like me, you feel like you're body has betrayed you when you get sick or have an ailment. I get downright angry about it. For what it's worth, I think you're terrific and I think you have done quite well...way better than most individuals I know. Keep up the fight, Cuz! Love ya, Cheryl