Thursday, July 1, 2010


My cousin Cheryl, shown here with her husband Jack, says: Hey Walt, Wazzup?

My friend of 62 years, Maude, says: You'd just as well answer the phone, I'm going to keep calling.

And the nearly 1,000 people from where ever who have read my profile and wonder: Whats wrong with Walt?

I've been living alone, except for some weekends, at Knox Lake Camp mostly as a recluse. The solitude and seclusion appears to have negatively enhanced the changes that are taking place in my life. I do not talk to people at all except to call most nights to tell Julie I'm still kicking.

I am working on becoming 80 and should readily accept that age takes it's toll. But that is not what I want, and I've always been used to having what I want, if I'm willing to work for it. I've "worked" for this desired goal without a lot of success so far.

My hip is worn out, arthritic deterioration the doctor says and recommends a hip replacement. Well, those are easy words. I've known several people who have had a hip replacement. My friend, Dottie Campbell, has been fighting a hip replacement for years, and just had a partial knee replacement, probably related.

Hip replacement is a painful experience with a six month recuperation with therapy. And, although the expected life of the new hip is 10 years, people over the age of 50 will not need a replacement.

Uh, does that say that people over 50 won't outlast the 10 year life of the hip replacement? Sounds like it to me. I am not for anything that puts a 10 year, or less, restriction on life. Overly optimistic? Yep! Same as alway was, I change not!

All that said, I've worked hard adapting to my hip situation for several months--and made some progress. I can now put my sock on my left foot, with a bit of a struggle. Still cannot cut the toenails on my left foot. Regardless of the self administered therapy, a rather small amount of work causes me a lot of pain at night.

The torn rotor cup in my right shoulder is a problem and now the grafted bone in my left wrist also has considerable arthritic deterioration. The work I can do with my left hand is very limited and it hurts at night. What a bummer.

My left knee is shot, has been for 10 years. Can't run anymore, not that I was ever a great runner.

For the last two weeks I have been very dizzy, not good living alone. The doctor didn't get too overly excited about it, gave me meds that didn't help. Now he wants me to take therapy. I probably will do that eventually.

The unsurmountable problem here is that I have had to cancel a highly anticipated trip to the west coast to celebrate a friend's birthday. I HAVE ALWAYS GONE WHERE AND WHEN I WANTED TO DO SO. This is a downer beyond words.

Julie and I are going to consider a trip west in February, 2011 to visit this and other friends. That is something to which we can look forward.

I GUESS I HAVE JUST LET ALL THIS GET TO ME. Whine, Whine, Whine. I have always hated whiners, would never tolerate it in my children or those who worked for me.

Life has always been a challenge. YET, MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS ARE BEYOND BELIEF. I just have to back up, take another look at the problems, make decisions and plow on. Nothing new in that. As bad as it is, I have overcome worse than simple physical problems. At least in this, I am truly the Master of My Fate and the Captain of my Soul. I do not need a change in another for my happiness or success.

My Blackberry has gone bad and I haven't been able to email pictures for awhile. I'll get me a new one tomorrow and I'll try to get my blog site cranked up again.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

I'll let you share in my victorious come back.

Look forward to it.

THE ONE SINGLE-MOST BLESSING OF MY PROBLEM IS JULIE ANN. Fixing me food, cutting my toenails or getting up at 3:00AM to rub pain killer on my hip, she is a jewel! And, Donna, who is worth twice what we pay her, has worked like the trooper that she is to accomplish what I want to do at the lake but am unable to do myself. She and Julie are truly frick and frack. HA

God Bless!

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Inky said...

I'm 53 and I fully expect to have one or more revisions done to my new hip.
I also expect it to last longer than 10 years. The newer ones do - ceramic on ceramic
The difference its made to my life has been awesome. I am soooooo happy with my hip
Don't delay!