Friday, July 23, 2010

TGIF: Another Weekend A'Comin, Yeah!

It's Friday. It's a hot, dry Friday. I like Fridays because I get company. In years past someone or other would show up, often at supper time. NADA this year.

I enjoy life at the lake but I seldom have anyone to speak to and no one with whom I can have conversation. Julie and Donna, the young lady who works for us, comes down for the weekend. THEY WILL NOT BE COMING THIS WEEKEND. Instead, I'm going home.

The "Out With Friends" dining group has their monthly outing Saturday night. Each couple takes turns choosing where we eat and this month it is Bill and Carla Ludwig's turn. They send out a menu and information but I haven't seen it yet. Julie said it is a pub somewhere in the Portage Lakes. It is really an enjoyable time for all but specially so for me as I haven't seen these good friends since our last outing, except for the Wilson's and the Ludwigs. I saw them a couple weeks ago at a fish fry the Wilson's hosted.

Each weekend when the girls are here is so enjoyable. We keep saying we're going to take out the paddle boat or have some fun doing something. But we just end up working for two days although I almost always fire up the webber grill. My work ethic is pretty healthy right now but my work output is pretty limited.

I enjoy landscaping and have done several major landscape jobs, I've even been paid for some of my work. This year I am just trying to do the lakeside yard. At the most it should be a three week job. I have been at it all summer and am barely started. I work awhile and rest awhile. NO COMPLAINTS! Don't want Maude to accuse me of WHINING again. HAWon't get into the landscape plan here but will mention Julie and Donna working so hard to help me each weekend. (The water which looks like mud in this picture is really clear with a green tint). With their help, I have built a trellis swing at the front of the cement driveway. It is mostly finished. It has a metal tile floor. I've had the tiles for a long time and they have gotten dirty. The girls took them to the lake and washed them. WHAT A PAIR OF TROOPERS!

HEY, YOU SHOULD OF HEARD THE GIRLS SHOUTING AT ME FOR TAKING THEIR PICTUES. No, they weren't saying "Go, Walt, Go". I begged Donna to let me take her picture dipping water. It is the first thing Donna has ever refused to do for me. Something about looking like a SIGHT. Hmmmm

There is a 40' bed of roses and flowers all around the trellis swing. It has been hot and dry and I haul water from the lake in a wheelbarrow. In past years I hauled 20 gallons of water at a time but have cut that back to 15 gallons. I just walk out on the dock, kneel down and dip the water in a five gallon bucket, get up and dump it into the wheel barrow.

If Julie had her way I wouldn't be doing anything. She would keep me "Old and Grey and In the Way" as the song goes. She loves me and wants to keep me safe. I also want to be safe, always have, but I also want to stay on the "cutting edge" of life. Isn't that what life is all about?

She decided that she and Donna would haul the water from the lake. She really struggled with the first load saying she never realized how hard it was. I laughed as I explained that it would be much easier if she had air in the wheel barrow tire. It was completely flat. It has a slow leak and I pump it up with a small air compressor each time I use it.
Going back to her "Tech Engineer" days, she came up with the use of a small water bin and a gallon bucket to actually water the plants once the water is hauled from the lake. In this picture she and Donna are coming up the road from the dock "a toting a heavy load" of clean tiles.

The green bin holds about six gallons of water, half full, and pulls easy, real easy. On Monday I decided I'd just use the little bin and make more trips across the road to the lake. It worked like a charm until I had knelt down, filled the bin and started to stand up. I cannot stand up from being flat on the floor without something with which to hold on. Normally, I would have used the filled five gallon bucket.

I tried and tried. Just couldn't make it. Eventually I got almost upright when my legs just gave away and I started down. Well, now, I've been put on the floor a lot of times, even when there was nothing wrong with my legs. I knew I was going down so I just relaxed and rolled until I ended up flat on my back, still on the dock and not in the water. Then, I did what I should have done to start with, I hung my feet off the dock, into the water, and stood up. If my brother Henry was still alive he would have said "What a Dummy". HA

Fate adding insult to injury, when I filled the green bin and started for home with maybe ten gallons of water I manged to upset if just before I got home. No! I did not kick the bin. I went back to the wheel barrow which works about like a walker for me.

Normally when I take a tumble, which I did last spring on the break wall at Lake Erie, I take the skin off one or both elbows. I did not hurt either elbow this time. In fact, at first, my bad hip felt better after I jarred it. By the next day I was stiff all over. BY NOW IT HAS TOTALLY WORE OFF and I am wiser for the event. Now, I just wade three steps into the lake, wearing my clogs, and dip the water while standing up. Yep, I'm wiseing up.

A wise man, (with the unusual name of Walsine), says "If you want to have fun, go fishing. But if you want to eat, grow a garden". I enjoy fishing but I also love having a garden.

I water my garden every other day if it doesn't rain, and we have had very little of that lately. Although I got it in late due to excess rain and wet ground, it is coming along quite well. Just pole beans, tomatoes, squash, assorted peppers, and giant sunflowers. We've had a few ripe tomatoes and peppers and I'm about ready to fry some green tomatoes. ARE YOU READING THIS JULIE? (She loves fried green tomatoes) I love to hoe in the garden as can be seen in this picture.

Life is good.

May God bless us each and every one.

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Mark Pierce said...

Really enjoyed this blog post, Dad. Hope to talk to you soon. Enjoy your dinner tonight.