Thursday, July 29, 2010


My eldest son, Mark, has been trying to contact me for days with an unusual request. Julie told him to send me an email. He did and I got it right away. Phone service is bad here at the lake and I still haven't picked up my new cell phone.

My granddaughter, Jillian, is to be married 17 days from now. Mark wanted me to coach he and Jillian in their father-daughter dance. What a delightful thing to do.

I would love to have taught them to dance "The Butterfly Whirl" or maybe "Chase a Pretty Girl Around the World". I couldn't imagine dances that would have been more fun. It was not what they had in mind. Instead, I coached them in dancing to a Nat & Nataly Cole" number they had already selected.

Very few people do ball room dancing today. When they do you can pick them out of a crowd of dancers. I love to dance and have taught dance classes. I taught Jillian to do the basic box step when she was just a youngster. I would like to think that she gained confidence from this instruction to go on to become a wonderful dancer who has danced professionaly in a number of productions. She was a quick study tonight.

In an hour, or less, they had learned enough, and danced well enough, to stand out in any crowd. I would bet money that they get a spontaneous applause at the wedding.
IN THIS PICTURE YOU WILL BEHOLD WALT MAKING A HARD SELL! I was explaining to Jillian that I wanted to end the dance with a dip and a fast whirl. I would lay her FLAT OUT, ALMOST TO THE FLOOR, as she lifted a leg pointing her toe. I assured her that I have never dropped a partner yet. WELL, THERE IS ALWAYS A FIRST TIME SHE WAS THINKING! Un Huh! She remembered me hobbling in on a cane. She remembered the bad hip, shot knees and that I am almost 80 years of age. I THINK SELF PRESERVATION KICKED IN.

No, I didn't drop her, and I didn't quit with just one try. But that was it. I thought Mary Kay, her mother, who was watching, was going to have a stroke. HA My coaching, however, was a success and Mark and Jillian did it beautifully.
The best dancer I have ever danced with is my wife Julie Ann. She is about as banged up as I am but we will get in at least one slow dance at Jillian's wedding. In this picture we were at a TRULY FANCY DRESS BALL at the Four Seasons in Toronto. We DANCED INDIAN WAR DANCES ALL NIGHT. ALL NIGHT LONG WE REMAINED IN CHARACTER. I remembered the old Irish saying to Dance Like No One's Looking". There were lots of truly EXPENSIVE costumes there but Jewel and I walked off with first prize IN OUR "THRIFT STORE" outfits.

I look forward to the wedding. Of course, I'm obligated to dance with Mary's Mom, the grooms's mother and each of the granddaughters, and daughter-in-laws, and I always try to dance with the "hottest" girl on the floor--that will probably be my grand daughter Christy Anne--or maybe my daughter Kimberly, can't miss her......WOW, am I going to have fun. Can you say IBUPRUFIN? Ummm

God Bless

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Phatmom said...

Great post, Walt! I had seen the wonderful pictures on Mark's Facebook page, so I figured you'd write about it. I love pictures because to me, they are memories preserved on paper. Glad to read the account of the dance lessons. Sounds like so much fun! I look forward to seeing your blog post after the wedding and more pictures. And yes...I can say with conviction "Ibuprophen!"