Thursday, July 29, 2010

WHO WE ARE: The Sum of the Choices We Make

You want to know someone? Observe the choices they make not the words they say.
The good citizens of Arizona have been assaulted by the federal government when they tried to defend themselves against criminal action coming across their border. Although President Obama has been invited, practically begged, to come down to the border and observe first hand what is taking place. HE STEADFASTLY REFUSES. His words proclaim progress, his action contradicts those words.

A great example of his choices is when he chose to go on THE VIEW and discuss Lindsey Lohan and Snooki with Joy Behar while snubbing the 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA.

It may be that he was afraid they would play the National Anthem at a flag hoisting. Remember this picture?
True, he would feel out of place where the honored oath is to do one's duty to God and Country. Can you imagine him slouching down with his hands folded in the following picture? This is a picture of a Scout Jamboree in 1937. Scouts have been doing good deeds fpr a hundred years now. Please recall these choices 97 days from now as you prepare to vote. YOUR CHOICE COMES DOWN TO BURYING YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND OR DRAWING A LINE IN THE SAND AND STANDING UP AND BEING COUNTED. Your Country needs your support.

Every contrary statement towards the Obama adminstration is met with the charge of Racial Ranting. Let the record show that this black person, the Honorable J. C. Watts, is one of my personal heros in life.

Yes, I was a scout and a scout leader. I was in the Sea Scouts. My sons were scouts.

God Bless

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