Thursday, August 12, 2010


THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE! Unfortunately, the "truth" can be hard to come by. I'll give it another try.

This week's 484,000 new unemployment claims are the highest in six months! That may or may not be the truth. Frequently, the number tends to increase as time goes by.

Mister Ed Morrissey on "HOT AIR" expresses the truth very plainly

For the past several months, the media has tried helping the White House spin unemployment numbers. When ever initial jobless claims go down, media analysts hail it as a sure sign that the 'recovery' is gaining strength. When initial claims rise, it is an 'unexpected' sign that the recovery may take a while longer to show effects.

All that is nonsense! The unemployment hasn't changed all that much in the past six months despite the media spin. Initial jobless claims have been flat since October, as this chart from UNCOMMON MISPERCEPTIONS shows":
My and Julie's ninth great grandchild Lila Pierce is just a few months old. Isn't she a beauty? Sadly, her future is already in hock to the federal government to pay for programs instituted by a combined Senate, House and President who appear determined to change our country to socialism.

They are determined to take away from those who work hard, save and invest, play by the rules and then enjoy the benefits of the American way of life. They intend to "redistribute" the wealth to those who remain on welfare for generations, drop out of school, and reproduce without the benefit of a two parent family.

Check this chart that shows the result of the leadership of Harry Reid, Nancy Peloso and President Obama who insisted upon putting my precious great granddaughter into hock in order to keep the unemployment under 8 percent.

Uh, yes, the unemployment was only a fraction over 6 percent when they gained control BUT IT WAS ALL BUSH'S FAULT, RIGHT? Take a look at this unemployment chart and decide the truth for yourself.
If you think this is all just a "fluke" check out a chart showing unemployment over the years.
When Congress, with leaders like the Honorable Barney Frank, insisted upon loaning money for the purchase of large homes to the "have nots" who not only did not have a down payment but did not have money to make even interest payments, is it any wonder that the housing market died? Gotta redistribute that wealth as candidate Obama told Larry the plumber.

A LOT OF CHARTS! I hope they make the point, but far more important, I hope you use this information to make the change in November that is necessary to preserve out American way of life.

This blog series started out with a quote from good old Mark Twain, "Figuers don't lie but liars figure". KEEP THIS BLOG IN MIND THE NEXT TIME OBAMA EXPLAINS HOW MANY JOBS HE HAS SAVED.


A faithful blog reader opined that I was frequently showing the above picture of Obama being disrespectful to the National Anthem. He is right! Feel free to make a copy to share with your friends.

God Bless!

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