Friday, September 24, 2010


My family doctor, who recommended that I have my hip replaced, suggested the use of a cane and the getting of a handicapped parking permit. I'm not proud. He wrote me the permit. Today I applied for it.

The liscense bureau is nearby my home. I have not been there for years. They are so inefficient that they cannot get out of their own way. Normally, we drive to Wadsworth, a nearby town, for our licenses. Getting the handicapped permit would seem to be so simple, I just drove to the local office.

The big sign said TAKE A NUMBER FOR SERVICE. The number dispenser was empty. I should have turned around and walked out there and then. As the office was mostly empty, I just stood, leaning on my cane, until a pleasant young lady offered her services.

She called to my attention that the length of time for the permit just said TEMPORARY. I told her that I had a bad hip that was scheduled to be replaced in November and there was up to six months recovery, so maybe 8 to 10 months. THEN, she said, "temporary is usually 6 months". I told her six months would be fine. No, she said, she'd check.

What happens when a bureaucrat checks? Life gets difficult.

She said the doctor would have to specify the exact length of time. She would call for that info, which they would fax to her. She would call me tomorrow when she had the doctor's reply.

I AM OF THE OPINION THAT MOST OF THE PEOPLE GETTING HANDICAPPED PARKING PERMITS HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS IN LIFE. Unfortunately, I see obviously young and healthy people with permits so there has to be regulation. BUT THERE IS A TAX, ERRR, FEE! Why? The small cardboard sign could only cost cents. The fee is $3.50 per permit and she was pushing two permits.

The permit will help so I will stay after it. Meanwhile, I'll stop grousing over bureaucrats, read the bible and smell the roses! Join me?

Plan to vote.
God Bless!

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Phatmom said...

I like your comment, "They are so inefficient that they cannot get out of their own way." I think I'm going to use it often!