Wednesday, September 22, 2010

THE LAST DAY: Summer is over!

Winter has went, Spring has sprung and now Summer is summed. How sad!

I love the fall season but dread the winter that follows. It was not always that way. When younger I loved winter. I loved winter sports. I loved to walk in a blinding blizzard. Today, I just want to stay warm.

Thankfully, I no longer have to leave the house to go to work daily. I don't even have to shovel the snow any more, Donna our hired neighbor, takes care of that for us. Today the best thing about winter happens on March 21st--the first day of spring.

This winter promises to be particularly difficult as I'll be breaking in a new hip. My left hip has continued to deteriorate and is scheduled to be replaced on November 9th. The new minimum invasive techniques reduce the size of incision from about 10" to about 3-4" for most people, probably more like 5" to due to my size. Supposedly, recovery is much quicker, maybe six weeks of therapy. We'll see.

A week from today Julie and I commence one of my favorite fall happenings. A month at the beach. Well, actually, this year we are only staying at Myrtle Beach for a bit over three weeks as I commence my surgery prep in late October. We take two days to make the trip enjoying driving through the mountains. We stop to gawk quite often spending the night near Wytheville, Virginia.

The reduced ability to walk--I am now married to a cane and not overly stable, I even have handicapped parking--has put a damper on my summer at the lake, although for the most part I spent the summer there. An attempt to landscape the lakeside lawn was half accomplished.
The garden turned out well, thanks mostly to Julie and Donna. We've certainly enjoyed the green beans, with some in the freezer for this winter. We've had an abundance of tomatoes and will pick maybe a bushel to take to the lake with us. We feed a lot of family and guests at the beach. Fried squash, can you say yum yum good?
Normally we entertain small and large groups at the lake. Family members and friends for weekends. Certainly rib roasts with an old fashioned hoedown. Couldn't hack that this year.

I am home now for a wedding last weekend. I am staying home for an outing with my dining group this weekend. It is my and Julie's month to choose and we have made reservations for the group at Wasali Japanese Steak House. That is always a fun group. Dessert afterwards will be at my daughter Kimberly's home, which is nearby.

THIS IS NOT MUCH OF A BLOG AND IS MEANT TO STAY IN TOUCH WITH THOSE OF YOU WHO STILL CHECK THE SITE. Julie just paid the bill for another year for the blog site. Maybe the months to come will be more productive. We'll see.

God Bless! You are truly appreciated.

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