Sunday, October 17, 2010

WHAM BAM ALAKAZAM: Anyone get the number of that truck?

Wisconsin didn't just beat Ohio State. They gave them a royal butt kicking! And, that is putting it mildly.

An impartial person would proably say it was an enjoyble game. I mean the number one team allowed the number 18 team to take the opening kick off for a 97 yard kickoff return. When the number one team got the ball they bumbled and stumbled through three downs and out. From there it just went down hill.

I am not an impartial person.

I bleed Scarlet and Grey!

I must admit that the best team won. It really hurts when a team loses by a fluke or a questionable call. Such was just not the case. Wisconsin displayed awesome raw, physical foot ball on both defense and offense. They deserved the W.

Can't wait for 2011. We're gonna make those big, bad, badgers pay, yes we are!

Bye-the-bye, did you catch Jim Tressel's after game comments? He is such a class act. I am not a good loser. To me it is not how you play the game, it is whether you win or lose. I'm in complete agreement with General George Smith Patton who reportedly said that he wouldn't give two hoots in hell for someone who lost and laughed.

Dare I say "God Bless". He is merciful and will understand, huh?


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Yes, yes! The good times are a'rolling!

This is Julie and my 7th day at the beach, as seen here from our balcony, and we are having a blast. My cousin, Cheryl, and her husband, Jack joined us on the 3rd day and my son, Mark, and his wife, Mary Kay, joined us a couple days later.

The penthouse suite has had a complete renovation, floors, walls and furniture. Although it was nice before, it is even better now. By faith we have already leased it for next October.

What's new, different and exciting have we have done the most. I think what we have done the most is eat, but nothing new about that, huh? This morning I made sausage gravy, fried potatoes with onions and biscuits. I love to cook. It is my opinion that the gang loved it judged by the way they devoured the grub, washed down with strong coffee and OJ. Pictured here are Julie and me with the breakfast ready to dig into.

Oh, yes! I went skinny dipping in the hot tub yesterday. REALLY! The string on my bathing suit was lost in the fold. I couldn't get it and Julie wasn't home. I went into the hot tub anyway. Thankfully, I was alone in the pool area. As I moved here and there around the tub to get into this or that jet stream, a strong blast of water stripped my bathing suit right down to my ankles. Life was exciting for a few moments, let me tell you.

We went to FLO'S yesterday for lunch. It was a disappointment. The food was alright and the service was good. The problem? This favorite eating spot had been a run down hole-in-the-wall. They had fixed it up to be respectful looking. Just wasn't the same! Also, they had served their PO'BOYS wrapped in a big paper bow, but now in a plastic basket. BOO! This picture was taken by Mark and as you can see the place was empty. Business is off at Myrtle Beach although traffic is still bad.

I am trying to write this on Mark's Mac Book and it is an ongoing struggle. Touch it here, or there, and you change pages. I told him it reminded me of my first introduction to electric typewriters. In the Navy I was used to the standard, manual typewriter on the sea going tug. I visited a friend at NAS ALAMEDA where their radiomen used the electrics. I couldn't type at all. I am constantly having trouble here.

Suffice it to say I am as well as can be expected with my deteriorated hip and enjoying life. Mostly I just cook, watch the ocean, keep up with the news on Fox, watch football and visit. Tonight I am doing a fish fry. Life is good.

Election day is coming soon. Please plan to vote and encourage others to do likewise.

God Bless!