Sunday, October 17, 2010

WHAM BAM ALAKAZAM: Anyone get the number of that truck?

Wisconsin didn't just beat Ohio State. They gave them a royal butt kicking! And, that is putting it mildly.

An impartial person would proably say it was an enjoyble game. I mean the number one team allowed the number 18 team to take the opening kick off for a 97 yard kickoff return. When the number one team got the ball they bumbled and stumbled through three downs and out. From there it just went down hill.

I am not an impartial person.

I bleed Scarlet and Grey!

I must admit that the best team won. It really hurts when a team loses by a fluke or a questionable call. Such was just not the case. Wisconsin displayed awesome raw, physical foot ball on both defense and offense. They deserved the W.

Can't wait for 2011. We're gonna make those big, bad, badgers pay, yes we are!

Bye-the-bye, did you catch Jim Tressel's after game comments? He is such a class act. I am not a good loser. To me it is not how you play the game, it is whether you win or lose. I'm in complete agreement with General George Smith Patton who reportedly said that he wouldn't give two hoots in hell for someone who lost and laughed.

Dare I say "God Bless". He is merciful and will understand, huh?


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