Sunday, November 7, 2010

HOW AM I: A Medical Update

I'm still hanging in, just as worthless as ever. Ready to Fuss, Fight or Run a Foot Race! Yell, right! Maybe after taking a double dose of Vicadon.

In earlier blogs I reported that I was scheduled to have my left hip replaced on November 9th. That would be next Tuesday. That is not going to happen.

My lovely daughter, Kimberly,shown here with Rosebud, the youngest of my and Julie's 18 grandchildren, is not only quite active in the medical field, she is also well acquainted with the medical leaders in the greater Akron area, friends of long standing.

Kimberly wanted me to have the very best surgeon for hip replacements. After research of the doctor to whom my long time medical doctor referred me, she urged that I use another surgeon instead.

My wife, Julie, cancelled my originally planned surgery. The new surgeon with whom Kimberly made my appointment cannot even see me until November 30th. After Kimberly let the new medical team know who it was that referred her, they agreed to accelerate my needs, but still could not see me until this later date. The best they could do was review my existing medical xrays and tests prior to meeting with me so that the surgery could be scheduled sooner.

While I do not look forward to the surgery part, I am most ready for a new hip. I have bone grating against bone in this hip. It is painful at all times, even with 800MG of Ibuprofin three times a day and vicadon when the pain is particularly bad or I need sleep.

Walking is difficult and unstable, even with a cane. I still get about some but not much. The result of this inactivity is undesireable weight gain, with which I struggle anyway.

I took the major pain pill last night before going to dinner with my dinner group. Although uncomfortable, I got through the dinner okay. When the effects of the pain pill wore off, however, the piper had to be paid. I managed to drift off to sleep about 3:30AM. No church today. Actually, I haven't been to church for many a week and I do miss it.

I am in good spirits as can be seen in this church luau picture with my son Mark, my wife, and grand daughter, Jessica.. I am still able, and do, make a difference in the lives of others.

I enjoy reading and, being unable to do much of anything else, I really burn the books. The surgeon told me that I will be out of bed and walking the day after surgery, that the new hip will immediately be fully functional and, with 4 to 6 weeks of therapy to work out the kinks I have put into my body while favoring the disfunctional hip, I will be about as good as ever.

The new hip will not be able to take the pounding of long distance running but I haven't run since age 71 due to pain in my left knee. Fully looking forward to the best outcome, I am planning to return to a lifestyle of pushing the envelope.

My medical doctor feels the need to remind me from time-to-time that while my outlook on life may be that of a 39 year old, the plumbing inside is still that of an 80 year old man. So? My home is 106 years old but it still rocks with good times on an ongoing basis. It is warm and dry and life is good. Need I say more?

Just an update for you who follow my blog and recall the November 9th operation date.

Take care and let your good times roll also!

God Bless!

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