Sunday, December 19, 2010


Yes, it's true! Santa may be heading for jail.

Seems as how he is on trial. He is on the witness stand being grilled by the attorney of the black hooker. Santa squirms as the attorney says "Deny it if you can! You looked right at my client, smiled and called her a 'HO' three times"

I know, I know! There just isn't much happening in my life right now to write about. A week from tomorrow I get my new hip. For the present time I'm in a bed a lot trying to keep pressure off my bad hip.

Well, maybe one more. This one from my lovely daughter.

Seems as how three guys were at the Pearly Gates trying to get into heaven at Christmas time.

The Keeper of the Gates said to the three guys "Pull something out of your pocket that is related to Christmas and you're in".

The Englishman pulled out a lighter, flipped it on and said "See, a candle". He was told to enter.

The Scotsman pulled out a huge ring of keys, jingled them and said "Jingle Bells". He too was bid to enter.

The Irishman reached into his pocket and pulled out the only thing there, a very skimpy pair of ladies panties. Shocked the Keeper of the Gate asked "What's this"?

NOT LETTING THE TRUTH GET INTO THE WAY OF A GOOD STORY, the Irishman said "They're Carol's. Yes, of course he got in!

Did you know, YOU CAN ALWAYS TELL AN IRISHMAN BUT YOU CAN'T TELL HIM MUCH? That's what the sign in my kitchen declares. Un Huh!

Take care and admire the poinsettas. Also, cheer for Navy in the upcoming Poinsetta Bowl! GO NAVY!

Just in case I'm wrong about Christmas being cancelled, BE GOOD!

God Bless!

Bye-the-bye, no pictures because my computer, with my picture file, is in the shop.


Anonymous said...

My dear Husband: I think this is somewhat off color for the standards you have previously set with your blogs. You loving wife Julie.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Husband: I this this is somewhat off color the the standards you have previously set with your blogs. Your loving wife

Mark Pierce said...

It was good to read a blog from you this morning... of any color! Mark