Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HOW AM I DOING: A Follow Up Blog


Well, I am still Meek, Lowly and Humble, Sweet Gentle and Kind! That's my story although some have disagreed with this self assessment saying I have never been meek, quite often behaved lowly, Humble? NEVER! Sweet, well maybe, as I had a cute smile, and am gentle and kind.

Just goes to show you can't believe all you hear!


My daughter, Kimberly, has outstanding medical contacts here and around the country. She is in the business. She encouraged me not to go with the surgeon to which my health care physician referred me.

After research, she recommended a Doctor Kepley. The down side was that I could not get in to see him until November 30th. It was worth the wait. I really like the guy.

Robert F. Kepley, MD is an Ohio State med grad, gotta be a good guy, huh? Unlike the previously referred general surgeon, Dr Kepley is A SPECIALIST IN TOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENT OF THE HIP AND KNEE. That's what he does, period.

He exudes confidence. He assured me that total hip replacement is a rather simple surgery. He said he is confident he could perform it blindfolded. He said it took precisely one hour to perform.

He said the initial discomfort was small compared to what I am and have been going through. Immediately following surgery there is discomfort from the incision, about four inches. He assured me there would be no discomfort from the hip.

Surprisingly, he said no therapy was necessary. He said I would be in the hospital three days, then I would go home and "twiddle my thumbs" for three weeks. Then, I would start a walking program. In the winter time he recommended a tread mill, which we have.

Dr. Kepley is with the Chrystal Clinic Association, a major health care provider in our neck of the woods. I have used their services in the past and a dear friend works there. Dr. Kepley is located in the Akron area but will do the surgery at St. Thomas Hospital in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

St. Thomas is one of six hospitals in the greater Akron area that have been taken over by SUMMA CARE, an insurance group. Once a general hospital, St. Thomas is now for orthopedic surgery only.

I have several "hoops to jump through" before surgery, including having my heart checked. An exhaustive week in two hospitals earlier this year indicated that I have a very healthy heart and clear arteries. I do not anticipate any other problems as I just had a blood work up that was good and my sugar is in the safe zone and my blood pressure was 135/74.

My biggest health problem is weight gain, I have gained 22 pounds since losing my mobility. I'll take care of that when I can again walk and ride my trike--which the doctor assures me will be no problem with the new hip.

I so appreciate Kimberly going along with me to set up this health procedure. She and the Doctor have many friends in common and both were associated with NEOUCOM, a local medical college. Although I suspect the doctor's office is professionally run for the benefit of all, WE WERE CERTAINLY GIVEN THE VIP TREATMENT, which was nice and appreciated.

I was going to have the surgery at the earliest date, December 22, but Kimberly urged me to take the next available date, December 27th. In the office she said it was to avoid conflict in the family at Christmas time. In the car going home she pointed out that two days before Christmas all the most senior people in the hospital would have arranged to be with their families. She did not want me cared for by the 2nd or 3rd string, as she put it. I agreed! HA


I sat right down and planned a van camping trip to LA in March, and, after visiting with a friend in Simmi Valley, do a drive and ride trip back across the US, on the Southern Trek bike trail as earlier attempted. MY WIFE JULE THOUGHT A "MARCH DATE" MIGHT BE PUSHING IT A BIT. More often than not, she is right. We'll see.

Anyway, I am optimistic! I said I might get my left knee replaced, get a new heart and redo the last 80 years as they have been a blast! YEAH!

I BELIEVE IN PRAYERS! Yours prayers are appreciated!

God bless.


Mark Pierce said...

Dad - you can count on my prayers! Mark

Phatmom said...

You know you have my prayers, as well, Cuz!