Thursday, December 9, 2010

TALK TO ME: Replying To Blog Made Easier, Try It

My son, Mark, set up my blog site for me to talk with family on my now aborted cross country bike ride. The procedure for posting a reply to the blog was, at least for a lot of people, including me, quite complicated. Quite often someone will send me an email because they could not work out the posting instructions.

When I made Mark aware of this, he reworked the reply post instructions. IT IS REALLY SIMPLE TO REPLY NOW. It is not even necessary to expose your own email address, you can send a reply anonymously. That's what I did to try it out. It worked.

He also added a feature to publish the last few replies, a nice feature. Don't know how this is going to work out but we'll give it a try.

THAT'S IT! A short blog. Uh, what's that you say?

God Bless

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