Monday, January 31, 2011

I'M BACK: A Rebuilt Computer, A Rebuilt Left Hip


Had my computer in the shop, got it back, wasn't right, had it back in shop. Just got it back about an hour ago. It is now "lickity split" fast and I have lots to blog about!

I am growing younger! Yep, it's true! Yes, Yes, I hope to celebrate my 80th birthday soon but you have to hear "Paul Harvey's 'the rest of the story'"! While most of me will be 80, my left hip is now only 6 weeks old. Un Huh! Add 80 years and 6 weeks and you come up with me only being 65 years old, Uh, make that a "young" 65 years old. WOOHOO!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it, so there!

What do you do to prepare for a total hip replacement? The night before mine I reclined on my son, Mark's, couch in his family room and kept the fireplace company. Most of the family was there to encourage me for the next day.

I was three days in the hospital and came home on a walker. Then, I had to lay on my back with my leg on a pillow for three weeks. My bedroom became a prison. That is another blog.

WHAT DOES A NEW HIP LOOK LIKE? Uh, do you mean inside or out?

OUTSIDE, A NEW HIP LOOKS LIKE THIS. I had to lie on my back for three weeks with my leg on a pillow to allow this, more than bone deep, incision to knit--not heal--to knit. It will probably take at least a couple months to no longer be tender and sore.

It is tender when I touch it but otherwise it doesn't hurt. The biggest problem is that I cannot sleep on my left side. BOO! The stitches have now been absorbed or snipped off and I now have 14 major scars on my body. Make that 14 and counting. HA

WHAT DOES A HIP LOOK LIKE INSIDE? Well just take a gander at this baby. I suffered for a year and was immobile exept to hobble with difficulty on a cane. Lots of serious pain with way too much medication.

THE NEW HIP IS NOT PAINFUL. Praise the good Lord! Not using my left hip or leg for a year has allowed it to degenerate and become painfully weak. At first I was on a walker and am now on a cane. I am on an agressive therapy program and, today, I started walking on a tread mill. I have not been able to get up off a chair for a year without help. Now, as part of my threapy, I sit down and stand up 12 times, twice a day.

HOW DID THE SURGEON MAKE SURE HE REPLACE THE CORRECT HIP? When we discussed the hip just before New Year's Eve, he drew a shot glass, with his initial, where he planned to cut. Interesting, huh?"

My prognosis is getting as well as I have ever been. I will not be able to run long distances, but I quit that at age 71 due to a bum left knee. I cannot ride my recumbent trike for three months. I certainly do look forward to March 27th because I have planned three long rides on it this year--another blog.

Take care and God bless!