Saturday, February 5, 2011


RILEY JAMES PIERCE BOGGS IS NOW A 12 YEAR OLD! How can it be? Only yesterday I was rocking him to sleep singing Irish Drinking Songs, (the latter to agitate his Grandma Alice who sang only gospel songs to him).

Yes, Yes! I'm an agitator! Always stirring up something, can't leave well enough alone. But, life is never dull around me, remember that!

Riley, who like his parents and paternal grandparents, is very small. But, only physically small. Like his mother, he can be as tough as a pine knot and twice as prickly. Smallest kid on the football team, he drives the other team crazy with behind the lines tackles. Of course, what would you expect with pretty cheerleaders cheering you on. Uh, the cheerleader with him in this picture is his sister Delaney Rose, or as I call her, Rosebud.

I try to take the kids out to dinner at least monthly. Pictured left they are playing checkers at the Cracker Barrel. Maybe a year ago Riley stopped eating off the kid's menu. Also, he started to eat steak--and can he ever put it away! I promised him a birthday steak.

It was only my second outing, driving myself, since my total hip replacement. Yesterday I was gone for about 4 hours. Thankfully, I had the foresight to take Donna, the neighbor, with me and she saved me a lot of steps. Before we left home I did my hour of therapy. It was too much and I was out of it when I got home. Today I skipped the therapy and did better.

Riley and I both had Longhorn's largest "Renegade" steak. It was perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection. Before the salad came, Riley devoured almost the entire loaf of bread, well buttered. He ate about half his salad. He had two, tall glasses of Mr. Phib.


When the steak was a little over half gone I commented that the largest steak was probably a bit too big. Riley replied that he would wait awhile before deciding that. I'M GLAD I'M NOT PAYING HIS FOOD BILL NEXT YEAR WHEN HE IS A TEEN AGER! Small, he is one bulging muscle.

I did take the opportunity to discuss life's difficulties, like their flight home from the Sugar Bowl. I described how his mother and two uncles always participated in two games at our regular dinner hour. WHAT'S NEW, DIFFERENT AND EXCITING and WHAT IF.

Starting early in their lives, they entered each day looking for something special to share at the dinner hour. In WHAT IF we did potential problem analysis and solutions. Over the years we discussed about everything we could think of in the way of life's problems and how to go about solving them.

How many times did those problems pop up and find that the Pierce Kids were ready, willing and able to take them on. Oft times surprising those around them. Riley promised to start playing "What If" and to let me know the first time it works out for him. Look forward to hearing his experiences. We also discussed the challenges of being a teenager.

I DEARLY LOVE ALL MY GRAND KIDS. Pictured left is grand daughter Jillian and great grand daughter Violet. Riley and his sister, Rosebud, are my only two small grandchildren left.

I sure had a ball, when I was younger, playing with the other 7 grand kids. My son, Mark, enjoys his grand kids as much as I did mine. Son Todd is awaiting his first but he will be a great grand Dad too, I'm sure.

Julie, who worked late tonight trying to solve a problem going on at another location, didn't get home until 9:00PM. She called and asked me to pick up a dinner somewhere for her. I did. Ribs and trimmings from Sweet Henry's. I got her a piece of coconut cream pie, but she was too full to eat it tonight.

Life is good.

May you enjoy your family as I do mine.

God Bless!


Mark Pierce said...

Dad - grandchildren are indeed a great blessing. I can only imagine your wonder as you sat there and watched Riley eat that whole steak. Honestly, I don't think I could have put it all away myself. I remember fondly those days when I could eat everything and add nothing to my weight. Though, truth be told, it didn't seem so wonderful at the time. I really wanted to add weight then. How times have changed.

I also called Riley on this birthday. He was on a bus ride to a ball game with his school mates. I think I helped a little bit to make his day.

Thanks for the grandparent inspiration. I feel like calling my grandson and taking him out soon!

Love you much! Mark

Unknown said...


WE LOVE YOU! You are an awesome grandpa:)


Jennifer, Jessica, and Jillian said...

We had the best time with you, too! I have so many fond memories of Grandpa time but the one that sticks out the most is the time when you had us all overnight for a pow-wow, and their was an honest to goodness tee-pee set up in your house! Love you Grandpa.