Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My son, Mark, has been telling me about his Amazon Kindle for a year or so. I enjoy reading and more important, I have the time to read. Although the Kindle is easy to hold and read, I like books. The cost savings of electronic books, however, is meaningful. I told him I'd get me a Kindle the first of the year.

Before I went into the hospital for replacement of my left hip, the family gave me a Kindle. The money to purchase it came from my children, their children and relatives far and wide. From Boston to Virginia the card that came with the Kindle was signed by one and all. While the Kindle cost about $140, enough money was donated to buy me a cover with a light and a few extra books.


Have I used the Kindle? I go through a book in a couple days. I took a speed reading class at the University of Akron many years ago. It has been such a blessing. The Kindle is so easy to read. Just a flick of the thumb turns a page. In bed, with Julie sleeping when I can't get to sleep, I turn on the light on the cover. It perfectly covers the page and does not light the room at all.

This small, electronic book is perfect for my life style. In a boat or tent at night, how easy to read in the dark. It has to be charged about once a week. On a cross country bike trip, or back packing, this small device is much smaller than a regular book and is actually a library of books.

At Myrtle Beach for the month of October? No sweat! Living out of bike panniers, No sweat. Again, thank you, thank you & thank you, one and all!

At the present my Kindle has about 500 books, new and classic. I just told Mark that I'd give him money to buy at least a couple books each month. When one of the family Kindle owners buys a book, it goes in the library for the use of all. What a deal!

A paper book that costs maybe $18 at Sam's will cost maybe $9 directly on the Kindle. If you are a reader, do the math. This electronic library will pay for its self in short order. You can personalize your Kindle in several ways, including the size of the print.


A happy thought? SPRING IS ONLY SIX WEEKS AWAY. Hang in there, Snoopy!

God Bless


Mark Pierce said...

Dad... GREAT NEWS! I found 18 Zane Grey books in the Kindle store ALL FREE! I've already ordered them and sent them to your Kindle. The next time you turn on your Kindle, you'll have 18 new Zane Grey books automatically downloaded! There are other Zane Grey books available as well, including Riders of the Purple Sage. None of the books are priced higher than $4. Enjoy some more Kindle magic today! Woo hoo! - Mark

Phatmom said...

Mmmmmm...Kindle magic! I'm going to get me some of that. I think Santa might bring me a Kindle next Christmas. I have to learn how to be good first.

So glad you are having a great time with yours!