Monday, March 28, 2011

80TH BIRTHDAY: Coming Fast!

Born on March 31, 1931 in Point Pleasant, WV, my 80th birthday is coming fast! Three more days, if the Lord's willing and the krick don't get too high! As I blogged earlier, the family is planning a party for me on April 9th, the first date all could get together.

I am not aware of any family that has more fun than does mine. And, there is a bunch of us. I do know one thing, there will not be a cross word or a moment of discord with these great folks. I AM SO PROUD OF EACH ONE OF THEM!

Not everyone will be at the party, sad to say. One relative that who will be absent will be my cousin Cheryl Buckley and her husband Jack. Cheryl and I met via this blog site a couple years ago. Julie and I visited them in their home, near Charlottesville, VA, Thanksgiving 2009 and they visited us at our Myrtle Beach condo in October 2010. We have planned a dinner in Charleston, WV over the upcoming Memorial Day. Jack and Cheryl Buckley are the kind of people you are glad to be associated with, CLEAN ENUFF TO BE HEALTHY AND DIRTY ENUFF TO BE HAPPY! My kind of people. Yesterday I received my first birthday present from Cheryl and Jack. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE TREASURE! It will get passed along to oncoming generations. It was a beautifully, cloth bound Photo Album of the Myrtle Beach vacation with they and my son and daughter-in-law, Mark and Mary Kay. I must find out how Cheryl did this work of art! Certainly professional, a group picture shows through the front cover. Each large page contains a picture or so of the trip. The pages around the lovely colored pictures are themselves a work-of-art. Then, each photo has a discriptive title, like the picture of she and Jack at the bridge at Broadway at the Beach. It read JOINED AT THE HIP. Thank you, Cheryl and Jack, for my first birthday present! LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL SCRIPT ON THIS CARD. May your hand be so steady at age 80. Heck, I couldn't write like that at age 16! I KNEW THE CARD WAS FROM MY FRIEND, MAUDE, WHEN I TOOK IT OUT OF THE MAILBOX. It was my first birthday card. It was from Maude (Blankinship) Norris, a high school classmate of the class of 1948

Maude lives in Simi Valley, Ca. I so wanted to share her 80th birthday last year but could not due to a physical ailment. I have constantly tried, since, to work out a trip to California to visit Maude. It is on my high priority list. Keep your dancing shoes handy, Maude, I'm-a-coming eventually. Meanwhile, THANKS SO MUCH FOR REMEMBERING!

God Bless!

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Phatmom said...

Awww...You are so welcome! So glad you like the photo album! You probably guessed by now, I love pictures! And...I love my cousins!