Thursday, March 31, 2011


IGNORANCE.  What a pain in the behind!

I have been having such trouble with spacing on my blog.  The computer seemingly has had a mind of it's own.  Irregardless of how I wrote the article, the computer would print it as one big paragraph.

My son Mark drove up from Mansfield, 65 miles, to take me out to lunch for my birthday.  We went to Bob Evans.  We both had soup and salad.  There was breaded mushrooms with dip for appetizer and banana bread and fresh fruit for dessert.  What a treat!

When he brought me home, Mark came up to have a two minute talk with my computer.  The problem was garbage in garbage out.  Mark explained what I wanted to the computer and. lo a behold, all is well again.


I also had him take a look at my new Polaris FS1 Heart Monitor.  He had it set up to automatically pick  up my heart rate after a few seconds on that setting.  It hasn't been doing that.  It wouldn't do it for him either and he couldn't figure out why, said it wasn't getting a signal.  At that comment I rewet the chest piece to allow the transmitter to pick up my heart beat.  Mark laughed!  He said "Dad, you're wetting the battery, not the contacts, showing me where the contacts are.  When I wet the contacts the instrument worked perfectly.


And, I've been ignorant of the heart rate monitor for a long time.  I've been wetting the battery and not the contacts since I've had my recumbent trike.  It has always worked.  Why.  My sweat provided moisture for the contacts. 

Oh, Well!

Thank the good Lord for educated children!  Speaking of educated children, excepting Mark, they are scattered across the country.  Todd is in Virginia on a cross country bike ride during the Easter school break, (his wife Amy is a teacher).  Kimberly, as seen here sailing in Naples, Florida with her family.  They were heading for an air conditioned mall, when she called, as it was 88 degrees and bright sunshine.

Regardless of where they were, or how much fun they may have been having, they made time to call and wish their Dad a happy 80th birthday.  I sure appreciate my kids.

At lunch I shared the photo album on our last year's month at the beach.  Mark was as impressed with cousin Cheryl's gift as was I.   

God Bless        

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