Thursday, March 24, 2011

WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT? An Update on my Hip Replacement!

So, its nearing the end of March and I have my computer back on line. WHAT SHALL I BLOVIATE ABOUT?

Well, a week from today will be my 80th birthday. I do look forward to that. Not being a year older, but rather what this birthday brings. The family is giving me a party and I think they may all come. THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING!
The party will be at my daughter, Kimberly's, house. She will be away on business on my birthday. The first date everyone could get together was on Saturday, April 9th. I know arrangements have been made to sleep out-of-town guests. I also know a grandson and his wife have purchased airline tickets flying home from Boston in April.

IT IS A TRUE JOY HAVING ALL MY FAMILY TOGETHER. Weddings are a time of joy, but there is so much involved there is never enough time for conversations with everyone. Each and everyone of my extended family are all keepers--the best of the very best! WHILE I ADMIT TO BEING PREJUDICED, ITS THE TRUTH.

As I haven't blogged since shortly after a total replacement of my left hip, I should share my current progress. MOST IMPORTANT, I HAVE NO HIP PAIN! That is after struggling with pain and pain meds for the better part of a year.

The therapists felt that my mobility was far advanced to most people with this operation. If so I feel for them. I can, and do in the house, walk without a cane. It is sort of a "gimp along" walk, I'll admit. I went to the store today to get apples for a pie I baked for Julie and forgot to take a cane along. I THINK I WILL BE SOMEWHAT BACK TO NORMAL AROUND JUNE.

I work hard on my therapy, almost daily. In addition to all the stretches and lifts, I walk on a treadmill. I walk some out-of-doors but the weather has been so cold and wet! I haven't had a bad cold and want to be careful. I can tell that I am doing better, keep extending the time and speed on the treadmill, but am personally dissatisfied with my progress. My expectations were unrealistic I guess. NORMAL FOR ME YOU SAY? Un Huh!

Kimberly's father-in-law, Mr. Tom Boggs, a college football hall-of-fame quarterback, had the same operation about a year or so ago. He was playing basketball with the grand kids last weekend. I just have to have patience, not a long suite with me!

I did invest in a new heart monitor. It is a very simple Polaris FS1 wrist model. My son, Mark, set it up for me. He has been using a Polaris heart monitor for about 15 years now. From what I can tell, my heart is doing pretty good. I'm thankful for that.

I am supposed to wait three months after the operation to ride my recumbent trike. What a disappointment that was. Well, the three months will be up in three days and I'm not sure I'm ready to ride it yet. We'll see.

I also wanted the heart monitor to more closely watch my heart on the trike. My trike computer has a heart monitor but using it is involved and at the extreme end of my vision. While I want to have another go at my aborted cross-country ride, it won't happen this year. I do have some rides planned, however, if I can ever get to training again.

FROM CALIFORNIA TO VIRGINIA, AND EVERY WHERE BEYOND AND BETWEEEN, TO EVERYONE WHO HAS LET ME KNOW THAT THEY MISSED MY BLOGS, THANK YOU FOR CARING. No promises but the tech did quite a bit of upgrading this time, in addition to removing the virus. I'm hopeful! It is hard to believe but going on 1,300 people have read my profile. WOW!

Take care, smell the roses, and God Bless!

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