Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Westminister Abby
There are so many beautiful churches in Europe that when people on tour are asked about their day they simple reply A B C, which is code for Another Beautiful Church.

None are more beautiful than the Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminister, known more informally as WESTMINISTER ABBY.

Although I've traveled in Europe, Asia, and South America and elsewhere, London, England stands out in my mind.  My wife, Julie, and I visited London in 1989.  While I most often speak of my Father's people being Irish, I've often heard my Mother remind Dad that she was English.  London has been there "forever".
London was old in 1492 when Columbus sailed to America

From century old Pubs to the Houses of Parlament, every where you look, London is facinating.  There are small things that you will not read about, such as, the smell of horse manure from the stables of the Queens Guards just before you come to the bridge leading to the above building.

Not too far from the stench of the horses is DOWNING STREET.  Uh, 10 Downing Street is the home of the Prime Minister.  No, Maragret Thatcher did not invite me in to tea.

 Westminister Abby is in the news currently because of the Royals wedding.  It was founded in the year 960 by Benedictine monks to establish a tradition of daily devotion.  It is the resting place of 17 monarchs.  The floor is actually paved with tombstones over the graves of well known people.

Tomb of King Henry VIII
The Throne of England is in the Abby.  It is really just a big wooden chair that has been used since the coronation of King Edward I in 1308.  Under the chair is a big stone, just an ordinary stone.  It is the Stone of Scone, the stone upon which Scottish Kings were coronated.  Old Edward said he was the King of Scotland, although the Scots fought him about that up to and including today, and he carried off their precious stone to put it under the English Throne.  It was there when I visited, it has since been returned to Scotland.
Scot on the Bagpipes
I have travelled extensively around the world.  London, England was one of the most interesting.

Take care and God Bless!

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