Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HOW GOOD IT IS! We Just Don't Always Know It.

Over the years I have kept small journals of my adventures in life.  There are solo canoe expeditions to the North Woods, a 600 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail, trips down the Ohio River, back packing the west coast of Ireland and others.

My son Mark has asked for those journals when I no longer need them.  I am taking them down to the Lake with me today.  I plan to incorporate them into a bit of writing I hope to do this summer.

One journal was open to the date of 9-30-02 and a trip by Julie and I to Myrtle Beach.  She recorded that we left home at 4:30PM, a late start but it looks like we only travelled to Charleston, WV probably to enjoy a visit with her brother, Jimmy.
The beach from our penthouse suite in Garden City, SC

Jimmy who lived at Campbell's Creek, WV is now deceased and, from such a small, isolated community, we have made the acquaintence of what has become a dear cousin, also from Campbell's Creek.
Cousin Cheryl, Walt & Julie in a 1600's era Cabin

Julie has always kept a record of our costs.  At the time I'm sure we were "put out" at the prices of everything.  It gave me a chuckle today.  Maybe you would like a chuckle also?

$123.81     21  12 ounce Strip Steaks and 2 Pork Chops from
                  Bennett's Fine Meats in Canton, OH.
    24.00     17 gallons of gas at $1.36 a gallon.
    14.81     Dinner for two at House of Hunan, plus $2.00 tip.
    64.00     Lodging at Super 8 in Fort Chiswell, Va.
                  Included was a "very nice" breakfast of muffins, juice,
                  coffee, french toast, pancakes and sausage gravy
                  & biscuits.
    22.50     Gas at $1.41 a gallon at Ft. Chiswell.
      9.50     Lunch at Subway.
        .27     Coffee for Walt at McDonalds.

Today a 12 ounce strip steak from Bennett's costs nearly $15 each.  Gasoline is nearing $5.00 a gallon.  And, with a senior discount, a small cup of coffee from McDonalds costs $0.85.

BY COMPARISON, WE HAD IT GOOD THEN BUT DID NOT APPRECIATE IT.  And, No!  I did not make a lot more money in 2002, I made about the same as I make today.

Just for the fun of it, I checked out the price of gas on another trip.  Travelling to the North Woods on a solo trip with my airedale, Jake, in 1997 I paid the following for gasoline.

$15.00     13.4 gallon at $1.119 a gallon in Fairlawn, Ohio.
  15.60     12.5 gallon at $1.259 a gallon in West Branch, MI.
  14.50     11.7 gallon at $1.239 a gallon in Marquette, MI.
  14.00     10.2 gallon at $1.299 a gallon in Duluth, MN.

LOOKING DOWN THE ROAD A FEW YEARS, GASOLINE AT LESS THAN $5.00 MAY BE A GREAT DEAL.  The next time you fill up, maybe you should give a shout of joy?
We should, however, count our blessings!

God Bless!

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