Saturday, April 2, 2011


My son Mark called me today.  His voice crackled with excitement!  He had just conducted a 5 hour membership class.  At the conclusion of the class one of  his new church members gifted him a new Ipad.

He has wanted an Ipad for the longest time but he couldn't justify the expense for a TOOL for which he already had equipment that would perform the same, only in a larger form.

While I was excited for him, I had to ask him to explain what an Ipad did.  Seems as how it does everything a regular computer did, only in a smaller form.  After he shared this wisdom to me, I wanted to share a bit of wisdom in return.  I did!

He referred to an Ipad as being a tool.  I told Mark how to spell tool, as in Ipad tool.  It is spelled T O Y. I asked him to tell me no more about a tool (TOY) that cost around $700 that does what my present tool (TOY) does for nothing.

I blogged recently about Julie asking me not to open two packages she had coming.  They were my birthday presents and she wanted to keep them secret until she could present them to me.  The first box had a big picture of the contents.  What a chuckle!  Today I am using that gift, a giant computer monitor.

(The small package was a Rosemary Clooney CD to which I am listening as I write this blog)

I don't know what size monitor this is but it is B I G !  The color is fantastic!  Albeit, it has a serious flaw which Julie did not anticipate.  It is physically harmful.  How, you might ask.  It causes me neck problems.  It is so big that I have to turn my head to read from side-to-side.  I TOLD HER IT WAS LIKE WATCHING A TENNIS MATCH.  Un Huh!

I've got to get me one of these to use down at the lakeside retreat.  Space is at a premium there and the present monitor barely fits on the lovely secretary-desk.  I told her to make the new monitor a bit smaller than this one. She just shook her head, but she agreed.

I blogged once about being TOO SOON OLD, TOO LATE SMART.  I manage to use, even if I don't fully understand, a smart phone, a computer, a truly hi tech, computer equiped, recumbent trike, a wrist heart monitor, and, a Kindle reader, which I really love.

I am blown away with all this new technolgy.  How can they get an entire library-- my kindle presently contains nearly 700 books-- into such a small instrument?  I don't know but I know it is worth every cent my loved ones paid for it.  Oh, Yeah!  THANKS PEOPLE!

 WHAT NEXT?  Well, maybe I shouldn't ask "what's next" until I learn to use what I already have.  I'm working on it Snoopy, hang on! 

Take care and God Bless!

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