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Last Sunday evening I experienced a joy few men ever do.  I attended church where my eldest son was the Pastor.  Actually, I have enjoyed this experience for years before as my youngest son, Todd, is also an Ordained Minister,  now retired after some 30 years in the Ministry.

Mark getting  State Church Charter
The oldest son, Mark, sold his financial firm a few years ago to become a full time Minister.  A year or so ago he started a different kind of church, CHURCH REQUEL. 

 A prequel is something that is going to happen, a sequel is something that has happened and a requel is a different way of doing something. Church Requel is different.

First of all, Sunday Worship service is on Sunday evening, not Sunday morning.  Tough Saturday night?  Sleep in, church is at 6:00PM.  Come-as-you-are, no fancy clothes at Church Requel.  Short of funds?  Not to worry, they don't take an offering.  THAT'S PRETTY REQUEL, HUH?  Offerings are needed and appreciated.  Just put it in the box at the rear of the church.
Their music, however, is always upbeat and alive!
 And, the music!  Hold on to your pew!  They have music.  The band changes from time to time but it will always be LOUD AND ROWDY!  Uh, did you notice the building keeping tempo with the bass?  You will never go to sleep in Church Requel, that's for sure.  The folks get into their extensive musical program, on their feet with their hands together.  Their special singers are truly special.

THE WORDS TO THE HYMN COMES TO MIND, "It is Joy unspeakable, and full of Glory"!
One of several teams standing in line to present gifts to one of many needy families!
A church should be about love.  At Church Requel it is abundantly clear that the Pastor cares deeply for each and every member.  It is also abundantly clear that each and every member cares deeply for their Pastor. 

Will Church Requel ever become a mega church?  I don't know.  I do know that Christ said that "Where two or three are gathered together in my name there I shall be in their midst", something like that.  A lot more than two or three at Church Requel, about double the attendance of my home church. 

On a cross country motor trip Mark and I listened to sermons by he and his brother Todd.  Mark inquired how I would compare the two speakers.  I replied that when he spoke people leaned forward, got out their notebook and started to taking notes.  When Todd spoke, people leaned back, crossed their legs and started to grin.  Mark's sermon on PRAYER was delivered with great skill.  It was  inspiring and uplifting. 
Walt with Nancy Roop, 20 Yr. Off. Mgr. at Pierce Financial & Dear Friend
WEB SITE ARTICLE HEADING - http://www.churchrequel/
Friendly!  You feel it as soon as you enter and are offered a coffee and assorted, home made cookies.  It continues until you leave.  You know you are an important person at Church Requel!  There are a few older folks, but a lot more children.  The ages are mostly young to middle age.  Being a church young in age, most are computer literate.  Communication is something beautiful to behold, and, like the church members, I check it faithfully,,  check it out.
I am a member of the Easton United Methodist Church, a little, white country church dating back to the Civil War.  The same organist has served for 30 years.  Two "quiet" hymns, and a chorus with a guitar is the normal musical program, with a special singer for Easter or Christmas.

The "Call to Worship",  responsive reading, will be different each week but, mostly, the bulletin could be from last year or fifty years ago.  The Pastor, a PhD with several book publications, reads his well written sermon. After his prayer, followed by moments of silence, the Congregation joins in the Lord's Prayer. Same-O Same-O?  Absolutely not!  It is heart felt worship.  We are Methodist, uh, Method--ist.  Get it?

The Methodist are real "feeders", however, and I am right at home.  Computer literate?  Well, there are a couple of us who have and use computers.  Children? A few.  Old people?  Lots and lots!  I miss them terribly when I live at the lake in the summer time.
DESSERT TABLE AT METHODIST DINNER - I brought Apple, Peach and Cherry Pies 

I am absolutely convinced that life is better, uh, make that much better, for people who attend church.

Take care and God Bless.

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