Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A HELPING HAND: At The End Of Your Own Sleeve!

OUR HELPING HAND IS AT THE END OF OUR OWN SLEEVE, WELL THAT'S THE WAY I WAS TAUGHT BY MY PARENTS, THE WAY I TAUGHT MY CHILDREN.  It worked for me.  It worked for my children.  It's working for my grandchildren.

Never in the history of our country has it been so easy to get an education, or with so many support groups for those who need it.  Single parent, small child?  No problem, the college has child care provided.  No money, no sweat, the government will loan it to you.  Work really hard, as my grandchildren did, and the colleges will provide for all or part of  your education.

WHY BOTHER WITH AN EDUCATION?  One reason most don't even think of would be to keep out of prison.  Three quarters of the immates in state prisons are high school drop outs as are 59% of those in federal prisons.

HOW ABOUT GETTING AND KEEPING A JOB, IS THAT REASON ENOUGH?  Those with only a high school education are twice as likely to be unemployed as are those with a bachelors degree.

Oh, thats right!  If you are unemployed the government will still pay you, and pay you and pay you.  Don't like the available jobs, just stay home.  Right!  Uh, I think the goose laying that golden egg is about to expire!  It will if my vote counts for anything.

HOW ABOUT MAKING MORE MONEY FOR YOUR LABOR?  The median income reported by the U.S. Census Bureau for high school drop outs is $18,734,  those graduating from high school earn 49% more than the drop outs, $27,915.  The median income for those with a bachelors degree is 85% higher than those with just a high school diploma, $51,206.  The median income for those with graduate degrees goes on up to $74,602.

 An education sure makes sense to me!

Considering the above reasons, only 15.5% of the nation has bachelor degrees and only 8.9% have graduate degrees, according to the Census Bureau.

Approximately four million students are completing their college degree on the internet or through computer multi-media, broadcast television or correspondence courses.  One such person is dear to me.  She is a distant cousin, my great grandfather is her great great grandfather.  Her two sons both finished college some time ago.  She has just received her Bachelor's Degree.
The Green Cord?  The Sneaky Pete Award!
(Its the Pierce In Her!)
You might think she has some special background, or whatever.  Well, she probably does, but my friends, she is from CAMPBELL'S CREEK, WEST VIRGINIA!  No, I'm not making fun of this lovely little village in the hills of WV, my wife has relatives there also.  But people born up a hollow like my Mother or on a creek like my Dad usually can't claim any special support in life except that which they find at the ends of their own sleeves.

My granddaughter Jesica Pierce also graduates from college this week.  I am so very proud of her.  I have a part in her graduation, Uh, I get to make the potato salad for her reception.  Don't laugh, I had to argue with her Mother who just wanted me to "come", something about being old and grey probably.  HA!
 When they were small, and still today, three of my granddaughters were specially loving to me.  If I was in the room, they were on my lap.  Jess is one of those sweeties!


Although she had the total support of both parents, for not only college but also for 12 years of private school, Jesica has been independent since she graduated from high school, almost always working two jobs, sometimes three.  SHE KNEW WHERE HER HELPING HAND WAS, HUH?

God Bless

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Phatmom said...

Awww...thanks for the "shout out" Cousin! I appreciate you very much! Great commentary on "a helping hand." My helping hand? As it states in Psalm 121, "My help comes from the Lord." Yes, He gave me a hand at the end of my sleeve and that did a lot of work. In addition, I know I couldn't have done it without God helping me through all the trying times. "To God be the glory! Great things He hath done!"