Wednesday, July 27, 2011

GARDEN THIEVES; Aaaaarrrrggghh!

John Steinbecks' movie on the Great Depression
Displaced people in the Great Depression
It is true that unemployment is high, about a third of what it was during the Great Depression.  Yet, food is available today from a variety of sources.  At our voting precinct, (the Salvation Army), I counted five different locations where food was available, free, throughout the city.  Nothing like that was available in the Great Depression and food theft was quite common.

Food theft is common today, but only for the sake of laziness and greed.  In the city of Barberton, free community garden sites have gone unused until the last year or so.  Most of the plots are planted now.  I suspect that garden theivery is rampant, but maybe not as it is not within walking distance of most people.

I have been planting a garden at our lakeside retreat for about ten years now.  Normally I plant a lot of pole beans.  I didn't live at the lake then, just went down for weekends.  Once when I went down prepared to can the beans, when I got there every bean had been picked.  Eventually we got one mess out of an entire planting.  I think that thief moved away.

Tim and Jillian announce their engagement!
My granddaughter Jillian was the baby of the family until Riley and Rosebud came along a few years ago.  Jillian is the sweetest, kindest hearted person you could imagine.  She is pretty, talented and meek, lowly and humble like her grandpa!  Un Huh!  I received a happy/sad call from her this week.

She is the only one of all my grandchildren who had me teach them to bake pies.  She bakes a mean pie!  She had bought some fresh peaches and made a peach pie.  I don't know that my pies taste any better, but I know how to flute them to be beautiful, and of course I sprinkle them kindly with (sugar) love on the buttered crust.  She wanted to tell me about it and thank me for sharing the know how with her.  Of course, the pleasure was all mine!

She and her husband, Tim, are both going to college for their Master's Degrees.  They bought their home before they were married a year or so ago.  They have worked so hard and make do with less than what they have been used to doing.  My admiration for both of them abounds.  They planted a large garden in a community plot and a small garden at home.  She was so proud when she told me she has been eating fresh tomatoes from her garden at home.  Sadly, she said, someone had stole all the big, red tomatoes in her commuity garden.  In a Christian spirit, she hoped they needed the tomatoes more than she did!  I know they were lazy, good-for-nothings and I hoped they got a bad case of indigestion!
I told her to pick all the green tomatoes from the community patch, put them in a sunny window at home and they will ripen up just fine.  I also told her how to fry green tomatoes.  Bet she tries it too!

I am thankful for my grandchildren!  I am thankful for Jilly-poo.  She is a winner!

God Bless!

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