Wednesday, July 27, 2011

JUST A'KEEP'N ON A'KEEP'N ON: Good To Hear From You!

I've received emails reminding me that I haven't been blogging recently.  One email said you haven't written a blog since June 27th.  Today is July 27!  It has been a month.  Just goes to prove, time flys when you're having fun!  Actually, I averaged 7.7 blogs a month last year and I've averaged 7.8 blogs a month this year.

Walt, writing his first blog in the Outer Banks, NC in 2008
I am well, really well, past 80 years of age!  When I had my 70th birthday I told my great doctor, Matthew Finneran, that I had plans for 25 years and I needed 5 years just to wind things down.  I asked if he could handle that and he assured me he could if I could.  Although my A1C sugar rating was in the safe zone, he said he'd declare me to be a type II diabetic and work toward getting my sugar reading even lower.  He also wanted my blood pressure at 130/70.  He wanted all lab results to be in the extremely safe zone.

At this quarterly exam I was in very good shape, my blood pressure was 125/69.  I am still struggling after 7 months recovery from replacement of my left hip.  Full recovery is projected to be 12-18 months and I'm supposedly doing well.  I still use a cane walking as I am not overly stable and don't want to fall.  On the positive side, I have no pain in the hip and I can get up and down much better.  No small achievement, I have lost 17 pounds since my last checkup, the result of increased activity, so I am moving around a bit.. 

Thanks for asking!

I am writing, writing a lot, just not my blog.  I have taken on a new writing chore and working on it at least 4 or 5 hours every day.  I live alone at the families lakeside retreat with my wife coming down on weekends.  I am doing a bit of landscaping, but not much.  Writing is more fun and it has been so hot.  Life is short, eat your dessert first is my motto.  I have been staying inside in the AC at the computer.

Julie on ski's at  Holiday Valley, NY 1986
My wife, Julie, shown here on the ski slopes in a prior year, and I go to the movies together every month or so.  Julie goes a bit more than I do because comic strip movies or science fiction movies are of no interest to me while Julie loves them.  We just saw a movie I not only enjoyed but can recommend.

The movie is believable, that is a must for me.  It is apropos in today's slow economic, high unemployment settings.  I can't recall a vulgar word.  Although pretty girls were plentiful, there were no exposure I don't see in my own family.  Out-and-out, explicit sex scenes were not there.  As one of my family sometimes says when I thusly describe a movie, why bother?  The movie was really humorous, not fall-out-of-your-chair funny like when the toilet hose exploded on RV, just constantly funny.  The movie, Larry Crowne.  There are a lot of scooters in the movie and I've got a thing for scooters.
M & M on a cruise a year ago

  A bit funny, when I told my lovely daughter-in-law Mary Kay, shown here on a cruise with my eldest son, Mark,  about the movie she laughed.  Seems as how her mother had just told Mary to save her money.  The movie wasn't worth seeing.  Thats why they make red cars and blue cars, its called opinions, huh?  I liked the movie a lot.

Living on a Bed of roses?  ENJOY!

Again, I am well.  Thank you for asking.  I see around 1350 of you have read my profile.  If only 1 out of 5 readers take the time to read the profile, then there are over 6,000 of you out there who know I exist.  Thank you.  Be safe.  Take time to smell the roses.

God bless you and yours!  God bless the USA.

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