Saturday, July 30, 2011

THE SPREAD EAGLE TAVERN & INN: Our Dining Destination

The OUT WITH FRIENDS FOR DINNER group of six couples which is in it's seventh year, enjoyed   dinner tonight at another unusual and delightful location, The Spread Eagle Tavern and Inn in the Village of Hanover, Ohio.  At one time a bustling stop on the Sandy and Beaver Canal, this three-story Federal Period brick tavern house was erected in 1837. There are seven dining rooms and probably that many more dining nooks.  We had a large dining room all to ourselves on the second floor.  It was quiet and conducive to conversation. 

THE PATRIOT ROOM - Spread Eagle Tavern and Inn
Today, more than 150 years later, after an extensive two-year restoration the tavern has become an Ohio Landmark.  It has seven dining rooms and five guestrooms.  This is the Patriot Room, a small meeting hall where Abraham Lincoln once addressed the citizens of Hanover, Ohio.

Summer temperatures which has been in the low 90s won't have us using the fireplaces.  That being said, we are reminded of the day when that huge fireplace was the only thing between the Inns patrons and the fierce, Ohio winters.

In addition to finding unusual dining places, the group is also to find medium prices.  Well, that takes some doing today.  Each of the six couples gets to choose the dining place each month, following a house-to-house progressive dinner in January.  Last month Julie and I choose The Gervasi Vineyard Italian Bistro.  Although I did buy some appetizers and a bottle of wine for the group to share, my bill was just short of a hundred dollars.  Tonight I skipped  the hors d'oeuvres and wine and my bill, including tip, was $81.00  The price of prepared food is beyond belief.

GREAT CHOICE, KEN AND SANDY!  There is a two bed room house on the grounds that is available as a bed and breakfast.  It was like moving back to pre-civil war days, with electricity and air conditioning.  Julie and I certainly look forward to returning for a weekend in this beautiful home.

This week I went to the doctor.  It was a 10:15AM fasting exam and afterwards I was starved.  I stopped at our favorite breakfast spot, Sweet Henry's.  I knew the original owners, my youngest son dipped ice cream there when he was in high school, and I watched the owners three children grow along with my kids.  In addition to one of the owners daughters, Dottie, there are two other waitresses we have known since they were in high school, maybe 15 years ago.  They are now grown with children of their own.

I knew I had the $20.00 co-pay for the doctor and a bit of money besides.  Without really giving it a thought I stopped in for breakfast and was waited upon by Jesse, my all-time favorite.  The only reason this sweetie isn't related to me is because I am too old and my sons were married when I met her.  I know that the girls live on their tips and try to be generous.  I had their breakfast "special", same as always knowing that it used to be $3.50.

I almost never eat there without my wife Julie, who always takes care of the bills.  I pay but Julie likes being in charge. When Jess gave me the bill it was $8.68.  WHOA!  Thats about what I had in my pocket.  Embarrased I explained that I just didn't get enough money when I left the house and that I'd get her the next time.  Of course, she just laughed.  Fact is, I only had a few cents left.  Yes, yes I'll take care of her.  From time-to-time over the years we have remembered them at their birthdays and at Christmas. THE SHOCK IS HOW MUCH THAT $3.50 BREAKFAST HAS GONE UP!

Oh, yes!  A picture of my dining group?  Here is a picture from a prior outing.  My kind of people.
Below is a picture of my lovely daughter, Kimberly Susan, who will be "39" one more time tomorrow.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS!  What has this to do with a blog on a dining group?  Absolutely nothing!  If you had such a beautiful daughter, wouldn't you want to brag too?

God Bless you and yours

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