Wednesday, August 10, 2011

THE GOOD OLD SUMMER TIME: Squash From The Garden, Yum Yum!

I  may look like a farmer but I am not.  I am way too lazy to farm.  I do however have a small garden at the lake.  I now have tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers setting on and pole beans in bloom.

Working in the garden this year has been difficult as I recover from replacement of my left hip.  Thankfully, my wife Julie and Donna, our gal Friday, has mostly taken care of the garden they helped to plant.

While I'm not much for the work, I'm great for the eating.

Julie fixed great hamburgers for dinner last night with slices of sweet onion and fresh tomatoes.  She grilled them on a charcoal grill.  Gas grills are sure easy but they lose out on taste when compared to charcoal broiling.  The hamburgs along with assorted fresh vegetables dipped in one of Julie's concoctions was truly a treat.

Lunch today?  Corn!  John Seiberling Corn, the world's best corn.  Corn and sliced tomatoes, what a great lunch.  I have been buying corn from this old neighbor of mine since the early '50s.  Picked fresh several times a day and often as not, just put your money in the can if no one is at the stand.  Sometimes there is a real traffic problem of others just like me wanting to enjoy the best.

Dinner tonight?  Squash.  Fried yellow squash.  Our first mess of the year.  Sure won't be our last.  Along with the squash we had some chicken and steak which we had left over from a dinner recently at the Casa Del Rio.  I am so full!

I dip the sliced squash in a mixture of egg and half and half cream, salt and pepper adding a bit of Lawry's seasioning salt, roll in flower and deep fry in next to my big iron skillet.  My big skillet is at the lake for fish frys.  Like fish, squash must be quick fried in very hot oil, then drained on paper towels.  Simple but great eating.  I fried four skillets and we ate it all.

DIFFICULT TIMES A'COMIN'?  Maybe!  Give me a garden, some fruits and berries and a good lake to fish from, a rifle and a shotgun and, you know what, I'll never go hungry.

As the song says, "A country boy can survive!"


Let the good times roll!

God bless you and yours.

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