Sunday, August 14, 2011

KEEP OFF RUSH STREET! Don't Talk To Any Sailors!

The Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers (AIAMC) is a national membership organization whose members are major academic medical centers and health systems committed to quality patient care, medical education and research.  My lovely daughter, Kimberly, is the Excutive Director of the organziation and her office is in Chicago.

There is an enclosed walkway from her home
Like so many modern day business people with computerized offices, however, Kimberly mostly works at home in North Canton, Ohio in an office she recently had constructed as part of her home.  There is a covered second story walkway from her home to her office.  Her spacious office has a fireplace, windows with beautiful views, and even exercise equipment if-you-please.  Her work enviroment is efficient and convenient.  She likes her job.  That being said, from time-to-time, over the years, she has had to go to Chicago.

She has come to love Chi-town and has shared that love with her daughter, Delaney Rose Pierce Boggs.  Since Delaney was a small child her mother has taken Laney to the home of American Dolls in Chicago.  They make it a two or three day trip, just mother and daughter.  Very Special!

I also like Chicago.  My son, Mark, included it in an around the country motor trip he treated me to a few years ago.  Our trip was also special.  But my Chicago experience predates Mark or Kimberly.  My first visit was on July 23, 1948 courtsey of the United States Navy.  At age 17 I was very impressed as I headed for the nearby Great Lakes Naval Training Center and boot camp.

Actually, I never personally spent much time in Chicago, just passed through.  My liberties were so short that I went to a small town much closer to the base where I knew a girl from home.  But, I heard the stories.

RUSH STREET.  The action is on Rush Street.  Where's the action on Rush Street?  Why, just look for the red lights.  Un Huh!  Or, just ask one of the ladies you see around and about.  They are friendly, very friendly.  YEAH!

Kimberly is the most thoughtful daughter in that she keeps me fully aprised of her travel arrangements.  Thanks Sis!  Over the years my advice to Kimberly has been "Be a lady"!  On her Chicago trips, however, I tell her to STAY AWAY FROM RUSH STREET AND DON'T TALK TO ANY SAILORS!  As could be expected in 63 years, Rush Street is no longer a red light district.  

I call Lanie, my youngest granddaughter, ROSEBUD, aged 10.  I also remind her to stay off Rush Street and to refrain from talking to any sailors.
At the Rosebud Restaurant on Rush Street!
From their last trip they delighted in emailing this picture to me.  WHAT SHALL I DO WITH SUCH AN ORNERY PAIR?  Why, blame it on Kimberly's mother, of course, may she rest in peace!

God Bless.

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