Sunday, September 4, 2011

HOGGY: Soo-ie Pig, Soo-ie! Soo-ie! Soo-ie!

No, this is not a blog about my prize winning, hog calling, West Virginia Mother, may she rest in peace.  It would be a great blog, if it was, because Mom could call hogs.  I remember her "call" so well and use it at my hoedowns.

HOG! HOOG! HOOOOG!  Sooooo Pig!  Soo-ie, Soo-ie, Sooooo-ie!  Piggy, Piggy, Piggy! Piggy! Piggy! Soo Pig, Soo-ie, Soo-ie, Soooo-ie!

This is, instead, a blog about a special restaurant my son, Mark, has been telling me about for years.  He, his wife, Mary Kay and friends, Roc and Kim Marietta, have been driving the hour drive from their home in Mansfield, Ohio to Columbus to eat ribs at HOGGY'S.

Mark has been telling me that, "Next to your ribs, Dad, these are the best ribs I have ever eaten".  That got my attention.  I take the cooking of ribs pretty seriously.  Most  years, along with my lovely wife, Julie, I host over a hundred to a Bar-B-Que and Hoedown.  Julie fixes the chicken and I spend three days, UH, THAT'S THREE DAYS, cooking ribs.

I buy baby-backed ribs by the case at Sam's club.  I wash them, rub them with a rib rub with a few of my own additives, wrap them tightly in foil and let them set in the fridge for a day.

After cutting them into individual ribs, I slow cook them for two days in the oven at a very low temperature.  I spray them every fifteen minutes with apple juice.  At the end of the oven cooking, I lather on the sauce--I used to make my own but have gone to "Sweet Baby Ray's", making a couple of alterations.  Then, carefully turning each rib, I broil them under flame--I mostly use a gas stove.

I buy the best, meatiest ribs and am rewarded for the effort cooking them with the joy of watching the family and friends eat.  Instead of bragging on my ribs, however, most of my best friends tell me my wife's chicken is better than my ribs and I should consult with her on my cooking.  YELL, SURE, RIGHT!

Julie and I felt like we were bar-b-qued ourselves after setting in the sweltering, 95 degree, sunshine watching the Ohio State vs Akron U football game.  After a shower and a nap, however, we started our search for Hoggys, with Mark's telephone instructions.


The restaurant was easy to find, just a short distance off I71 at Polaris Blvd.  It was a distinctive, big, white barn in a modern shopping center.  When I stepped inside I knew immediately I was in my kind of place.
Finished in rough, sawn barn lumber
Although they do serve adult beverages, this is a clean, quiet, spacious,family restaurant with several families present.  CHILDREN EAT FREE WEDNESDAYS!

Julie ordered a  half rack, I ordered a full rack.  We both got baked beans.  I had a relish dish with tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet onions in a vigarette sauce.  These fresh veggies were to die for and we asked for, and received, the receipe.

The Before Picture 

A member of a dining club where one member searches each month for an outstanding restaurant, I KNOW A GOOD RESTAURANT WHEN I SEE ONE!  Hoggy's food is good and plentiful and the price is most reasonable.

The one attribute a restaurant must have is service.  I met the manager and judge her to be most concerned with our satisfaction.  The waitress was knowledgible, sweet and could not have done more to make our visit more enjoyable!  If you live within an hour's drive of Columbus, check out Hoggy's for a great dining experience.
Julie was as bar-b-qued as the ribs!

God Bless!


Cousin said...

Sounds like Jack's kind of place, too! Please tell Julie how pretty she is in that photo!

Mark Pierce said...

Wow... my mouth was watering as I read the blog and looked at the pictures. Nice!