Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SOMEONE LOVES ME: Always, Unconditionally!

At the OSU game last Saturday I wanted the defense to score a touchdown.  I played both offense and defense but I loved defense better.  I clapped and cheered for BIG D to score. My wife informed me that no one else was clapping, and, I know she thought, the Bucks didn't even have the ball to score.


You know what?  I really didn't care what the other 118,999 fans did.  Its like that in life, period.  I really don't care what others do or do not do.  I call my own shots, play my own game and live by the results, good or bad. 

Some probably don't like that!  Uh, some definitely don't like that, or me for that matter.

It matters not.  I am assured of one true friend.  Let me show you his picture.

Unconditional Friendship

May you have such a true friend in your life!

God Bless You and Yours

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