Monday, October 10, 2011

COURAGE: Not A Matter Of Size

IT IS NOT THE SIZE OF THE DOG IN THE FIGHT THAT MATTERS!  It is the size of the fight in the dog that counts!

An old saying but true!

When I think of raw courage my thoughts do not go to General George Washington and his troops hunkered down in the cold of Valley Forge or crossing the ice-clogged Delaware to attack a superior British force  I think of Captain John Paul Jones, 1747-1792, Father of the United States Navy.

Sailing in an old merchant ship converted to a warship, which he named the USS Bonhomme Richard to honor his benefactor, Benjamin Franklin, Jones terrorized the British by marching his marines up to unarmed castles taking something of value.  As he sailed around the island nation, riders sped to London demanding protection.  Forces, which would have been sent to reinforce the troops opposed to Washington at Yorktown, were kept at home.

When his ship was opposed by the HMS Serapis, the largest, most modern warship in the world, he sailed his decrepit vessel in close and fought for over three hours before his ship was destroyed.  The opposing captain asked Jones if he wanted to strike his colors and surrender.  The intrepid American's reply has inspired American sailors for over 200 years:


With his marines in the masts raking the British sailors with a deadly fire, the American forces boarded the larger ship and engaged successfully in hand-to-hand combat.

My lovely daughter, Kimberly, is very small.  Her husband and his father are vertically challenged.  It is to be expected that her son, Riley, is also small.  He is overly conscious of his small size as he plays defensive line in his fourth year of Youth Football.

His Cheerleader Sister, Delaney Rose Pierce Boggs
Playing against offensive players literally twice his size, Riley must be quick and ingenious in his attack.  More often than not, he is brushed aside.  Frustrated, he continues his furious attack and from time-to-time manages to sack the quarter back despite his short coming.

As his team mates chant "Ril--ee, Ril-ee, Ril-ee", he does not fully realize that his courage and determination is inspiring his fellow players to play beyond their own abilities enabling them to compete for their second league championship in four years.

Thomas Edison said, in so many words, that his discovery of the electric light bulb was not nearly as important as his perseverance after 1,000 failures.

In the only game that really counts, THE GAME OF LIFE, Riley James Pierce Boggs is going to be a success due to his persistance!  Not because of his size, or lack thereof, but because of his courage and determination.

I am very proud of my youngest grandson.

God Bless you and yours!


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