Wednesday, October 26, 2011

THE NIGHT SKY: A Journey From Dachau To Denver and Back!

Wseystko dobre, ale w domu najlepiet!
(All's well that ends well)
The romantic and fictionalized Winds of War and Shindler's List, and the heartbreak of  Anne Frank's Diary, come to life in this true epic of horrific survival in the Dachau Concentration Camp for a young mother with her two little girls.  Individuals devoted to their families will feel deep empathy for Marie, the oldest daughter, in her 43 year quest for her biological father.

In devastated Europe, at the end of World War II, the family found themselves in crowded displaced persons camps.  When they were relocated to the United States they thought they had died and gone to heaven.

Their new home was an isolated, two room shack on a Colorado mountainside.  A wood burning cook stove provided their only heat in the fridgid winter weather.  Water was carried from a spring.  Toilet facilities were a path to an outhouse.  But, they were free and could choose their own future.  And, they did!

Although the book tells of Marie entering school as a little foreign girl who did not speak English, it did not tell the "Paul Harvey" rest of the story.  Marie earned a degree in Accounting and Finance from Colorado University and a degree in Executive Development from Harvard University.

Learning American history watching her mother study for American citizenship, Marie later entered government service in an entry level clerical position.  She progressed upward into leadership positions in the U.S. Treasury Department, assisting the FBI and DEA in major cases.

Marie is currently an Area Director with the U.S. Commerce Department.

As I opined above in Polish, "Alls well that ends well!" THE NIGHT SKY: Dachau to Denver and Back! is a "must" read!  I visited Dachau in 1985 and was fascinated reading the book.  It is $14.50 at Amazon.

Tell me what you think when you read the book.  My email address is in my profile.

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