Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A CAP LIGHT: The Perfect Gift For The Man In Your Life.

Several years ago my youngest son, Todd, made me a gift of a small light that attached to the bill of my ball cap.  It turned out to be the most useful tool I own.

I will use this light in one way or another every day.  I sleep with it on the post of the headboard of the bed.  When I get up early in the morning, or during the night, that cap goes on my head.  No, I don't wear my cap in the house, I am simply using the light to avoid turning on a light while my wife is sleeping. I need to see because my giant schnauzer, Gunner, is invisible in the night, being totally black.  Of course, he doesn't move a hair knowing I'll step over him.

This little light is almost a "must" for summers at the lake.  Of course there are electric lights inside but I keep the large outside light turned off.  I want to see the stars and the moon reflected on the lake.  It is dark, however, and I need to see where I'm stepping.  Lots of critters astir as I am alongside of an extensive state park.  Before I allow the dog out for "last call" at night, I look around for eyes reflecting the light.  It may be a racoon but it may also be a skunk.  Yep, before I had the light my old Jake dog reduced the skunk population by one skunk.  P-You! 

Assembling a new grill, this little light lets me see where the screw goes, OR MORE IMPORTANT, WHERE THE SCREW WENT WHEN I DROPPED IT.  The light lets me see where the key goes as I open the front door or get into the shed at night.  

Fishing or camping without this light would not just be a hardship, it would be dangerous.  Yes, I camped for many years without having such a light, and I have the scars to prove it.  How many times have I stubbed my toe on a tent stake, heaven only knows.

Quite often someone, usually a lady, will ask what the light is.  I love my answer.  I pause, grin and say "I have a giant schnauzer dog".  Increasing my grin, I turn the light on, search around my feet and continue saying, "This little light keeps me out of the doggy doo at night".  It always brings a chuckle.  Yes, I'm a show off, what can I say.     

The first light Todd gave to me is but a fond memory.  The little battery lasts me for about a year or so.  At first I bought a replacement battery, but I've never bought another.  A new light with a new battery in place costs less than a replacement battery.  Walmart has a wide assortment of these cap lights.  They cost in the $10 range, probably a bit less.

It has been years, replaced many times, but I still remember the origninal gift and who it was from.  Thanks, Todd!  If you want to be fondly recalled for a special gift, consider such a light for your loved one.

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Todd Pierce said...

Hey Dad,

So glad you enjoyed the light. Couldn't live without my personal head light. Believe the Petzl brand headlamps are the best value. I use a Petzl Tikka Plus 2. 50 lumens of light, shines 30 feet. Also red light for night reading. All on three AAA batteries which are very easy to change (I use rechargeable). Best $40 ever spent. Had it for years.

BTW, button batteries are $2.15 for a sleeve of five batteries (about 41 cents/battery) brokered through Amazon.com from MYBATTERYSUPPLIER. Shipping is free. I'll never buy another battery from a local drug store!

Enjoy reading your blog daily.


Anonymous said...

I remember the day your other son, Mark, bought a headlamp. In true Pierce fashion, we all had a hey day making fun of the light strapped to his head!

Then I used it once.

Todd bought me one like his and I love it. I read every night in bed with that silly lamp strapped to my head :)


Cousin Cheryl said...

Jack loves the little cap light you & Julie gave him last year when we visited you at Myrtle Beach. It stays on his nightstand. We wouldn't do without one now! Thanks again! I hope your readers go out and buy one.