Monday, November 14, 2011

LAZY? LAZY? WHO'S LAZY? President Obama Says Americans Are!

Lets see now, when I was young I was an Industrial Manager with hundreds of employees while also owning and working in an accounting firm, did IRS tax audits for clients in a three state area for a large tax firm, owned and managed a retail store, held a real estate license buying real estate in my own account,  constantly went to school to improve myself, served the community in the Rotary Club, held various church positions including being a Chairman responsible for building a new church, was an Assistant Scout Master active with two sons in the scouts, and when I was involved in a plant closure I shifted gears and became a Stock Broker, eventually becoming an Associate Vice President.

I might mention that I never, like in absolutely never, missed one event of my three children through out their lives, up to an including right now.  It would be worth noting that this was no small thing as the kids were just as involved as their dad. 

Lazy?  This doesn't sound like lazy, does it?  Now, maybe I'm lazy now?

Retired for over twenty years and working on being 81 years of age, I could make a case for being lazy.  

Let's see now.  My alarm went off at 5:45Am like it does everyday.  Yes, sometimes I may read my Kindle until the wee hours, but that alarm still goes off at 5:45AM.  I make a 10 cup pot of coffee, cook a full breakfast for my wife, bacon and scrambled eggs with cheese this morning, let the dog out and feed him and have an "executive meeting" with the boss, my lovely bride of some thirty-three years.  

I'm having trouble with my recently returned computer that suffered a lightening strike a while ago and need my son's assistance with my blog.  He's not lazy but Monday is his day off and he could have driven the 65 miles from his home today to assist me getting pictures back on my blog.  UNFORTUNATELY, I DIDN'T HAVE TIME TODAY!

One of the dear ladies in our church suffered a multiple, compound fracture of her left arm and is having surgery tomorrow. She is about my age and her husband is in his ninties.  Our church provides meals for it's members under such circumstances.  I thoroughly enjoyed the best of what the ladies had to offer, including fruit bouquets, when I had my left hip replaced 10 months ago.  Today was my day to provide their dinner.

I PLANNED A HEARTY CORN CHOWDER, CORN BREAD WITH HERBED BUTTER, AND A CHERRY PIE.  This started with a trip to buy potatoes and celery for the chowder.  I had just bought five bags of potatoes but they were still in my wife's car.  Guess I was too lazy to bring them in late last night!  HMMMM!

These friends do not live locally so I had a drive getting to Orville, Ohio.  My friend, Irene, with her arm all bandaged up, looked distraught!  A compound fracture will do that to you.  She explained that she was under serious pain meds and not normal.  We had a short chat and I reminded her that she was in my and the church's prayers.

When I cook, I make a serious mess in the kitchen.  I was just getting this under control when my wife got home.  She called, learned that I was feeling "LAZY" so she brought some fast food for dinner.  I had laid out salmon and peas for dinner but, as I said, I was feeling "LAZY"!

I rested while watching the O'Reilly Factor  and now am going back downstairs to bake a custard pie for my wife.  She asked me for it a couple days ago.  It is a single crust pie and I make three crusts when I bake a cherry pie.  That will take me up to 11:00PM and time for a shower before getting back to reading my Kindle as I relax and be LAZY in bed.

Cheryl in Virginia, who worked full time and acquired a college degree this year.  Was he talking about you?  Or, maybe Maude in California who communicates with about 50 people on an ongoing basis while helping to care for great grand children, was he talking about you?  How about you, Dottie, in West Virginia, still working full time as the county geneologist after celebrating being, uh, 69 several years ago.  Un Huh, I heard about you driving a golf cart to work in the summer time.  Word gets around.  Probably too lazy to get the car out of the garage.  Obviously, Dottie, he included you.  YEP!  If I had known when you broke your arm in two places and also had to have surgery, I'd have brought you some corn chower and pie also.


Bye the bye, what did President Obama do after he made the speech about we LAZY AMERICANS, why he went golfing, what else, in Hawaii no less!.

Even after years of retirement, I still live a planned life.  One of the enjoyable things I plan to do next year is to vote against a president who insults us by apologizing for our behaviour and blames his lack of leadership on our laziness!

Oh, Yes!  I managed to sneak in a few LAZY MOMENTS and write a blog to all my friends world wide.  Someone in Macau read my blog today.  I am embarrassed to say I wasn't sure just where Macau was.  ASK ME NOW!  During my LAZY day, I researched for perhaps an hour on Macau.  If you friends from this lovely, island nation just off shore China again read my blog, I have sailed right by Macau and would love to return some day.  Thank you for reading my blog!

I'd love to know!
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God Bless You And Yours


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