Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MORA NA MAIDINE DHUIT! (Top Of The Morning To You)

Nollaig shona dhuit
(Happy Christmas to you)

Right up front, on my blog, I thank you readers from a list of 52 countries where my blog is being read.  Actually, there are an additional 13 countries that belong on that list, and the spacing is bad, but I cannot technically make corrections to that list at the moment.  Help is on the way, right Mark?

I have been watching closely for one country

I was delighted to see that someone in Ireland had at long, last read my blog.  I'll keep looking to see if they come back again.  Americans make a mistake in referring to themselves as "Irish".  They are not, they are Americans.  That being said, my father's parents both are of the Irish.  I have read, and in fact am at the moment reading, extensively about Irish history.

I have visited Ireland North to South, West to East.  I crossed the Gap at Dunloe on Paderick's trap pulled by his little Irish horse Billy.  I have boated down the Lakes of Kilarney.  I have stood amazed by The Book of Kells.  The first trip was with a tour group.  The second trip was a lone back packing trip of Ireland's west coast.  I have written several times of my visits to the Old Sod and long to return.  I long to again sit in the great room of the Rainbow Hostel in old Dingle Town and sample Rick's p'chine or to eat dinner in a pub in Cong and walk the grounds of Ashford Castle.  Something to anticipate! 


To the Irish, and all my other readers

Dia 's Muire dhuit
(God be with you!) 

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